Sit down, take deep breaths and grab an extra strong coffee because you're going to need it. Your favourite consignment store Siopaella has some very exciting news and we want you to be the first one to hear it. But first, let's explain a little bit of the Siopaella story. When Ella came to Ireland in 2010, she had a dream. Ok, so I'm not saying she's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but she knew how to dream big! She had a wardrobe worthy of the TV show Hoarders and she wanted to de-clutter her wardrobe and revolutionise how we buy our clothes. Ella's idea was to set up Ireland's first ever consignment store specialising in everything from men's and women's clothing to accessories and homewares. But behind every great woman is a great team. Cue Ella's super cute and trusty steads, Louis and Raquel, providing inspo for her tags and bags (both of her mutt's mugs feature on both) and her partner-in-crime, Steve. And on the seventh day, Ella created Siopaella. She never rested. It was her own closet clearout that filled the first ever store on Crow Street! Now, Ella's got a following to rival Kanye with over 3,000 sellers contributing to Siopaella's stock. And she's got another idea. I know, right? Siopaella is no longer just Ella's wardrobe so we're setting up #MySiopa - a super cool rewards plan where our regular treasure hunters can rack up points for every purchase and redeem the points against future purchases!


[caption id="attachment_34794" align="alignleft" width="361"]We CAN and we WILL find amazing bargains at Siopaella! We CAN and we WILL find amazing BARGAINS [/caption] Every single bit of your spondulex is counted on #mysiopa and builds to give you money off future purchases. We're offering 1% MONEY BACK on all your purchases so you have another excuse to shop but please hide the bags from Joe at home (he just wouldn't understand...or would he...? Cue Dr. Evil-style maniacal laugh). The next time you're buying with us, mention it if you haven't already a #MySiopa and we'll bag your deets but we promise not to call you if a) we get brutally dumped by text message or b) we've drunk dialed our ex and he's just suggested coffee as "friends" (yawn). With Siopaella's #MySiopa, you'll be the first to receive emails about the best and the hottest deals and you will also avail of exclusive promotions that will make you the envy of the Malahide book club. Sold? Sure why wouldn't you be? [ux_latest_products title="Check our newest arrivals!" products="16" columns="4" type="masonry"]