If you follow us on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, you'd have seen we're constantly trying on designer bags that our amazing suppliers are consistently bringing in and believe me, it's hard most days to make sure those pieces end up in our stores. We know bags are an investment - hell we could run a college course on the best way to buy them (not a bad idea), the best designers to buy, and make pie charts and power point presentations on how to build up to owning your dream bag! Buuuuut for now we'll shtick to the auld blog and show you designer bags at ALL price points! Remember if you see a bag you love, we offer a layaway payment plan that suits you!

Under €100

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This Vivienne Westwood bowling style bag is quickly beoming a cult classic. For €99 you really can't go wrong! I love the colour as I try (and mostly fail) to stay away from black so grey is a perfect transition. Fearne Cotton's style is one I've admired and followed for years.... as well as her impeccable taste in music!

Under €200

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This Marc Jacobs Stam bag, named after model Jessica Stam, was one of the "it" bags of the early 2000s.  I love the vintage style clasp and the chunky gold tone hardware. This one is €199 which is almost €1,000 off its RRP!! I wonder if a bag was named after me what it would look like...

Under €500

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If there's a brand that's having "their moment" right now it's Gucci!! Alessandro Michelle has given the Italian brand a complete make over and we LOVE it! We love SJP's Gucci Boston bag which was made for UNICEF by Gucci and called Snowman in Africa. This one is €499.

Under €800

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Beyonce is also definitely having HER moment (how many has she had now or is it always Queen Bey's moment!? We love her sass, her determination and her style! Steal her style with this Tom Ford Alix bag styled alongside an all white ensemble and wool fedora!

Under €1000

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I love black, I love gold and I love structured bags!! Going back to my previous question, I think if a bag was to be named after me it wold be this Fendi Mini 2 Jours Tote. How cute am I? And Im worth every penney of the €995 price tag!!

All these bags and more available online at www.siopaella.com. Call 01 677 9106 or 01 442 1747 for more information and remember if you have any designer bags to sell, have a look at our wishlist and YES, we pay up to 80% cash up front for the right bags!

Ciara x