We're not known as being a scary bunch of people. From Seana's sweet smile to Steve's cuddly beard to the two cutest dogs in the whole of Ireland it's far from scary and spooky at Siopaella. Apart from finding out the price of an Hermes bag it's rare our customers get a fright when shopping with us! However, Halloween allows us the opportunity to unleash our inner dark side and treat you, our customers, to some tricks. This week was spent styling Alarming Anna in the spookiest way possible. We went for an eerie, dark look with white haunting, piercing eyes. However, in Siopaella fashion Treacherous Tanya styled Anna in the best we have to offer. She became the best dressed ghoul of Temple Bar....and poor Louis got the brunt her terror!! PS if you love anything you see on here, just give us a ring on 01 677 9106 or 01 442 1747 :-)

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