Siopaella Designer Handbag Closet Clear Out

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Kim Kardashian, arguably one of the most stylish and successful women in the world has gone from zero to hero in her looks which in no doubt is thanks to Yeezus aka Kanye West. We at Siopaella have no such style guru like Mr West (sorry Steve but you aint no Yeezus) to take us to our next platform where we can grow and thrive. So, we’re taking inspiration from Kimmy K and going back to where she began (and no that does not mean we’re making one of those tapes!!). Instead, like Kim K before she was Kim K...

Introducing the #MySiopa Rewards Plan

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STOP THE PRESS! Sit down, take deep breaths and grab an extra strong coffee because you're going to need it. Your favourite consignment store Siopaella has some very exciting news and we want you to be the first one to hear it. But first, let's explain a little bit of the Siopaella story. When Ella came to Ireland in 2010, she had a dream. Ok, so I'm not saying she's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but she knew how to dream big! She had a wardrobe worthy of the TV show Hoarders and she wanted to de-clutter her wardrobe and revolutionise...

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