Trends come and go, fashion changes, but icons last forever. Iconic brands that have held their prestigious names are Chanel, Louis Vuitton and of course, Hermes. In 1956, two of these icons came together and created something even more iconic, something that has only grown in popularity while still remaining rare and ominous - the Hermes Kelly bag. Grace Kelly was a huge fan of Hermes (she even wore a Hermes scarf as a sling when she broke her arm). However, after a photo of her carrying an Hermes bag to shield her baby bump from the paparazzi was splashed in magazines (including Life magazine) the bag was forever known as the Kelly bag.

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Nowadays getting your hands on a Kelly bag can be as difficult as getting your hands on a Birkin (Hermes' other most iconic handbag)! They are rarely available to buy which in turn makes this bag difficult for us as a designer resale store to stock. But right now as this blog goes live, we have not one, not two but THREE Kelly bags in stock at the moment!

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Kelly bags can take beween 18 - 25 hours to make and prices start at approximately €6,500 and have been known to sell for over €70,000. Our prices here at Siopaella start at €4,699, still pricey but a good investment if you want a classic, timeless and iconic piece for your wardrobe!

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Remember we offer layaway plans to suit you should you want to purchase a Kelly bag. And if you have an Hermes Kelly bag to sell, we pay 80% of the resale price to you, the seller. Check out or call 01 677 1906 or 01 442 1747 for more info.

Ciara x

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