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Siopaella in the Press
2021 marks our 10th year in Business - what a crazy year to mark this milestone for our little business! We honestly could not have done this without you guys, and we are so grateful for every share, comment, like and referral that you guys have done for us. We are so lucky to have the best little supportive community here. Since we started in 2011, we grew to multiple locations in Dublin and have recycled over 140,000 items and have proudly kept them out of the landfill. None of this would have been possible without our amazing customers and consignors over the years. We're also hugely indebted to the amazing press coverage we've received down through the years - check out some of the highlights below and the biggest thank you for giving us so much love over the last decade - we are the luckiest little company xoxoxo For media requests please contact us on 089 617 0937 or email us ella@siopaella.com :-)

Sell with Us

If you have wishlists bags or accessories you want to sell, we can arrange for a free, no contact, DHL pickup from your home/office. Simply Whatsapp us some pics to 089 617 0937 and we'll take care of the rest.. Alternatively you can email us on info@siopaella.com, DM us on Instagram or Facebook (@siopaella) or fill in the form below Please note that due to the volume of submissions we are currently only taking bags and accessories from the following brands:
Balenciaga - Bottega Veneta - Celine - Chanel - Dior - Hermes - Fendi - Burberry Louis Vuitton - Chloe - Gucci - Mulberry - Prada - YSL - Marc Jacobs Tiffany - Longchamp - Tom Ford - Goyard