Rebecca O'Byrne is the stunning girl behind the award winning blog Haute So Fabulous. In the blog known as her "diary of chic", she shares all the things she finds fabulous in life. Rebecca has been our consignor for just under a year now and has brought us in gorgeous pieces from the high street as well as pieces from our favourite designers. Here we chat to Rebecca from Haute So Fabulous about her style, award winning blog and of course Siopaella!

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What made you decide to begin your own blog?

Honestly it's a long story but I was so uncertain as to what I wanted to do after school. I was an A+ student yet I didn't want to do anything totally conventional. I was sick during my Leaving Cert so I took time out, went to London, and then spent a year in South Africa where I volunteered in a township with kids doing art classes with them. Then I finally figured I wanted to do the college thing so I went and studied Fashion and Business in NYC. It was so amazing and an opportunity I'm so grateful to have. When I came home I started the blog. I always loved taking photos and fashion was always one of my life's greatest loves so I decided to put them together and start Haute So Fabulous. At first I was so shy, too shy to even put my name or a photo of myself on it. But after the first year I braved it, and two years later it's my full time job and something that I am working very hard to grow. It's lovely when you get to do something you love so much and this for me is what a career is supposed to be, something that never feels like work. I'm very grateful for that.

Talk us through your personal style.

My personal style is very simple. I call it "classic with a twist". I wear a lot of black or monochromatic tones. I believe in investing in core wardrobe pieces. You don't need a lot of clothes but it's important to have a good foundation that always works. I really believe in building your wardrobe over time and allowing your style story to play out as you grow in life. I do play a little with fashion but stick mainly to having my own style - fashion is cool but style lasts forever and I love the idea that I can get up each day and get dressed based on how I feel. I very rarely plan outfits, unless I'm travelling. A good wardrobe should mean you can get dressed with your eyes closed and it will work - a good solid colour palette is key to that.

What made you choose to consign your wardrobe to Siopaella?

I've known about Siopaella since the start and had always gone in for a browse. One of my friends has been consigning with you for a while now, and around this time last year I decided to become a Siopaella addict too. She had really recommended it so I felt it was a good fit seeing as I wanted to do a MAJOR wardrobe clear out. I love the ease of dropping things in and ALWAYS love the warm welcome from you and the team. You guys always make my day and Louis <the schnoodle and the real boss of Siopaella>...well Louis just makes my heart smile every time!

What one item would you NEVER consign to Siopaella and why?

Oh gosh that's a really hard one. I guess it'd be a vintage Chanel bag my mum gave me just because I love it so much. And let's face it she'd probably kill me!

What's the best thing about consigning with Siopaella?

Again the ease of the process is huge for me. I love dropping clothes in and knowing it's going to a new home. You buy clothes and if they're not forever pieces, you can only really appreciate them for a short time. Best to let someone else appreciate them for that little bit longer - that's pretty special.

Steal Rebecca's Style....Straight From Her Own Wardobe!

We've picked our favourite pieces from Rebecca's latest drop off...

Diane von Furstenberg Mustard Tailored Trousers - UK 8                                                                         DVF trousers

COS Cream Crepe Dress - UK 8

                                                                 COS Cream Dress

The Kooples Houndstooth Print Cardigan - SmallThe Kooples Houndstooth Print Cardigan - Small

                                                                                    Kooples Cardigan

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Reiss Sequin Dress                                                                                        JW Anderson White Dress

All items available from

Photographed by Aine Hogan

Modelled by Orlagh O'Neill

Words and Styling by Ciara McCaughey

A huge thank you to Rebecca O'Byrne of Haute So Fabulous for taking the time to chat with us

Ciara x