The spookiest time of the year is coming up and we're only chomping at the bit (see what I did there?) for the fang-tastic holiday. No longer just the oeuvre of sexy nurses, it's time to amp it up a notch this year so we're giving you four different outfits, all available here in Siopaella for your special night out!


Sweet-not-saccharine, girly and erring just on the right side of naughty, this is the perfect Emma Bunton Baby Spice outfit for your Halloween night! Would you look at those shoes! The nostalgia! [gallery size="medium" ids="36014,36032,36038"]


This outfit will move mountains and you'll inspire avalanches of compliments, not to mention keeping cosy with your Sasquatch costume! [gallery size="medium" ids="36040,36033,36039"]


Hands up who hasn't day-dreamed of being one of those bare-breasted, long-haired mythical creatures? This mermaid outfit is bang-on-trend and a little bit raunchy too! [gallery size="medium" ids="36042,36034,36043"]


We couldn't leave you hanging without a witch pic; we all loved Robin Tunney in The Craft and we know witch bitch is a fail-safe option so here you go. You're welcome. [gallery size="medium" ids="36035,36046,36045"]
All items available from our Crow Street or Cecelia Street stores. Call 01 532 1477 or 01 677 9106 for more info. Mary x