As buyers and sellers of some of the most famous designer handbags in the fashion world, it is our job to give them the love and care they deserve.  We want our Chanels and LVs to look their best so that even if we're wrinkly old bags at the age of 90 our handbags aren't.

Giving them the love and care they deserve will mean that if you're the kind of person who sells on their handbag with us at Siopaella, you will get the more money for it. The better the condition the bag is in the more you receive for it.

From selling Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and more we have learned a few tricks about keeping handbags looking their best. Think of it like your nighttime face cleaning regime. Look after your bags the way you look after yourself and the world will be a happier place*

*world becoming a happier place not guaranteed.

Siopaella's Tips & Tricks:

  1. Store your Handbag - When storing your handbag keep it in it's dustbag to stop it from scuffing or obtaining stains. Make sure it's stored in a dry place and out of reach of tiny, sticky hands (babies we're looking at you!!)
  2. Don’t Stack - Whatever you do, do not stack your designer handbags on top of each other. Not only will it cause them to lose their shape but also darker colours will transfer onto lighter ones and no one wants a patchy bag (unless that's what you bought) 
  3. Clumsy? - If you spill any drinks or liquid on your leather bag, clean it immediately! Leather is one of those materials that can hold stains forever. Investing in a good leather cleaner is always a good idea as by using any oil based cleaning products on leather can leave stains on your bag. 
  4. Removing Dirt - Make up and pen marks on the lining are something we see an awful lot of. Using a hot, soapy cloth should remove the excess stains from the lining of the bag. Nail polish remover can take off pen marks on the leather of the bag but it's a good idea to test it with a cotton bud on an inconspicuous part of the bag first! Leather dye is also a good solution to scuffs on bags.
  5. Keep Leak Prone Items Separate - There's a lot to be said for purchasing a pencil case and small make up bag. Who cares if there's pen marks on the inside your super cute Hello Kitty pencil case but people will care if there are pen marks on the inside your Chanel bag :(
  6. No Rain - Last but not least, protect your lovely leather designer bag from the rain. Now we know how difficult that is in Ireland and half the time the forecasters are wrong but as my mammy says, if you see your neighbours running to take their washing in from the line then that's a good indication it's going to rain!!

So there you have it! Follow these simple steps to ensure your bag stays as cute as you! If you're hesitant to try cleaning your own bag we can always do it for you! Call us on 01 677 9106 for more information. Prices vary according to severity of stains, marks etc.

At Siopaella, we are always buying designer handbags from the public. If you have any of these designer bags on our wishlist and would like to consign or sell with us, give us a call on 01 677 9106 to speak with one of our buyers or email photos here

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