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While all of us here at Siopaella get along very well and are like family we are all incredibly different. I'm a Sophia Webster shoes and festival kind of girl while Ella is a Chanel bags and VIP party kind of girl.  However, there is one thing we all agree on and love as equally as each other. That is Vintage.

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

Vintage blouses, vintage dresses and my personal favourite; vintage capes and kimonos. If all the girls at Siopaella all love vintage, then we wondered who doesn't?!

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

This is why earlier this year we decided to bring twelve - yes twelve - bags and head off to Paris! We handpicked twelve suitcases full of Vintage pieces in a warehouse outside. When we arrived home the response was unbelievable. Everyone, boys and girls alike, went crazy for our vintage clothing.

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

In particular the printed blouses were incredibly popular. In my opinion this is because they can be worn or styled a number of ways. They look amazing buttoned up all the way with skinny jeans or worn as a cover up over a bikini. We've also styled them tied up with high waisted shorts or tucked into leather skirts and buttoned all the way down to create a deep V.

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

Restocking and reordering the vintage pieces is something we now do regularly which means there are new vintage pieces hitting the floor every week.

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

The pretty printed blouses, dresses and skirts range from 25-35 euros and all are ready to wear, freshly washed and steamed so there's none of that vintage smell! Ella personally washes everything before they hit the shop floor.

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

If there is anything you would like us to keep an eye out for on our next vintage buying trip please do let us know in the comments section below or pop into us in store for a vintage styling session. In the meantime check out an album of our vintage pieces here.

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

Ciara McCaughey x

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