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Another week, another collaboration:) This time we at Siopaella are teaming up with Geraldine Leonard. Leonard is an Irish artist and like all good artists, finds her inspiration in things she loves. In Leonard's case this is the local landscape and in particular, Wicklow – the garden of Ireland.

Siopaella Designer Exchange x Geraldine Leonard

Her work animates the mountains, forests, lakes, flora and coastal features of Wicklow.


Her art, which will be showcased in our Temple Lane and Cecilia Street store is made from materials which she dyes herself. The detail captured in these dyed materials is fascinating and the textures unique. They encompass and become the landscapes on which they based.

Siopaella Designer Exchange x Geraldine Leonard

Speaking as someone who grew up going on trips all throughout Ireland these pictures are the real deal.

Siopaella Designer Exchange x Geraldine Leonard

Leonard accepts commissions and she works from her studio in Enniskerry. Her pieces in Siopaella start at €79 for a 25x25 cm framed piece. For more information, feel free to ring us directly or visit us in-store!

Siopaella Designer Exchange x Geraldine Leonard

087 813 7922


Facebook: geraldineleonardartist

Twitter: gerleonardart

For any other artists looking to showcase their own work please email info@siopaella.com

Siopaella x Geraldine Leonard


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