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Here at Siopaella we're already dreaming of our summer holidays. Between the lot of us we've already booked island hopping the Greek Islands, dancing at numerous festivals in Belgium and Spain, lazy strolling through Berlin city and running wild through Limerick fields (the latter being Louis and Raquel). We love losing ourselves in the big cities only to stumble across the best coffee shop known only to locals or the best bakery where the rolls are fresh, warm and crusty. We love that when you're away in the sun or at a foreign festival you can become someone else. Wearing floaty sun...


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As you may already know, one of our favourite things to do at Siopaella is play dress up! It's one of the perks and makes us feel pretty, oh so pretty. So when Sive (our fab work experience student) was finishing up we said, hey Sive, pick out your fav things and let's do a shoot! Her smile widened and she ran to grab her favourite things she'd been eyeing up. When she returned to Temple Lane we shed a proud tear! She had grasped the idea of Siopaella completely...she had become ONE OF US!!!! What's that you ask? Well, there's...


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PASTELS AND FLORALS - SIOPAELLA SPRING STYLE It's the first day of spring, y'all. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting brighter and our outfits are getting a colourful update. We love getting a bit of air on our pasty whites and when it's time to get some sunshine on our pins, we rejoice - hurrah for bare legs (if it's good enough for super-babe Angela Scanlon, it's good enough for us, right?). Black tights are banished from our wardrobes from now on and it's pastels, white and cool off-kilter vintage shirts and mini skirts a go-go for all the...


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STYLE UP A STORM - VINTAGE SHIRTS At Siopaella designer exchange, we're anything but basic. We love to mix things up and style vintage shirts with designer separates. Eclectic and rough around the edges is our motto - we love how unique our customers are and how they always want something a bit different. Whether it's tulle skirts and sequinned tops or classic Chanel with vintage printed silk shirts, our sartorial crushes tend towards the fashion mavens who embrace individuality. Anna Dello Russo, Iris Apfel, Leandra Medine and Susie Lau are some of our heroes and they've been known to mix...


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DREAM HANDBAGS FOR DREAM INTERVIEWS How important are first impressions? VERY. You wouldn't show up to a dinner date with a plastic bag now, would you? Unless you're a Rubber Bandit, you're going to want to have a selection of handbags that suit the occasion. And here at Siopaella, we know how important it is to match your handbag to your mood! But sometimes, you don't want to have to do the work so let us do it for you! The new year is a great time to move jobs and now that the jobs market is really opening up,...

Siopaella Designer Exchange Does Vintage

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While all of us here at Siopaella get along very well and are like family we are all incredibly different. I'm a Sophia Webster shoes and festival kind of girl while Ella is a Chanel bags and VIP party kind of girl.  However, there is one thing we all agree on and love as equally as each other. That is Vintage. Vintage blouses, vintage dresses and my personal favourite; vintage capes and kimonos. If all the girls at Siopaella all love vintage, then we wondered who doesn't?! This is why earlier this year we decided to bring twelve - yes twelve - bags...

Three’s a crowd

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  By now most of you will know that we have opened up our third store. We were looking for a long time but nowhere was quite right. After what felt like forvever we found the perfect space and it was right under our noses! The new store is located smack bang in the middle of our two exisiting stores on Cecelia Street. We're kind of playing Monopoly with Temple Bar!!. For those of you who haven't been in the new store or haven't seen our multiple pictures on Facebook, Instagram etc you are missing out. The new store is...

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