After what feels like years and years and years we have finally launched our own Siopaella website. I know what you're thinking and we think the same...IT'S ABOUT TIME!! People have always asked us why we don't sell online as for most people with 9-5 jobs or who live outside Dublin coming into the shop isn't ideal. The website will allow us to reach more people and allow a greater amount to see our stock. This was one of the main reasons for moving away from Facebook. We are a page with 29,000 fans. However, Facebook only allows at most 2,000 to see a post and this is on a good day. Usually only a couple of hundred see an update. With the website this will (hopefully) change. You can browse dresses, bags etc at your own leisure and here comes the best straight away! No more disappointment about being the 5th holder on an item you love and want. Now you can just pay on the spot. siopaella2 You will be able to create an account with us just like on ASOS where details will be saved in order to make your shopping experience easier and more hassle free. Dont worry though, for all of you who love the interaction with us or who need help with styling, there will be a "live chat" feature where you can chat with one of the Siopaella stylists. You cant get away from us that easy ;) This is something that we insisted upon when building the website as chatting in mail on Facebook with our customers is one of our favourite things to do. It allows to build a relationship with people. We have met so many amazing people and built so many friendships this way that we couldnt imagine losing that (admit it, you'd miss us too). siopaella3 A lot of time and effort from our IT department aka Steve has gone into ensuring this website is perfect. Please do let us know what you think. Whether you love it or have opinions or advice get in touch we want to hear it. Thank you, Ciara x