Vintage Finds You Pop-Up at Siopaella

We are so so excited to have our fabulous friend Vintage Finds You back for another amazing pop up in one of our Siopaella stores this weekend. Naomi and her vintage finds will be joining us in our Temple Lane Store but keep reading to find out more info....

Where and when?!

Vintage Finds You will be joining us at the following times and days so don't miss out!

5pm - 7pm Friday 27th April

10am - 6pm Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th April


Location: 25a Temple Lane South, Dublin 

A little about Vintage Finds You...

Vintage Finds You is all about helping you find that unique vintage piece that you will probably never find anywhere else. Naomi personally picks each vintage clothing piece and accessory to help you add to your personal style and to reflect your personality.  Whether you’re searching for bespoke couture vintage pieces, or if you’re just dipping your toe in the vintage pool of gems for the first time, Vintage Finds You has got you covered.

So come join us for some prosecco and vintage shopping in our Temple Lane store this won't regret it!