The Unspoken Truth about The Designer Black Market

From Glossy Gucci Logos to the contrasting shaded squares of LV, the universal rise of designer indulgence unfortunately has brought a booming illegal market. While we all lust after the cutting-edge top designers of our day,  paying a fraction of the price on a street corner is not justified, and here's why. 



The street outlets of fake designer bags are illegal for a reason. The cheap prices reflect the even cheaper wages, the forced labour of kids as young as 11 and the further organised crime fueled by the profits made. 

We've all heard the opposition to bigger, multinational companies paying low wages, but these fake designer outlets are urgently problematic because they have no regulations to follow at all - no accountability - imagine what goes behind the scenes when the bare legal requirements are non-existent. 


The root of authentic handbags comes from a genuine dedication to durable, ethically produced, unique fashion. The black shadow economy steals that creative, innovative spirit and uses it as a mask, behind which dishonest profits are made. Here at Siopaella we value the genuine love for fabrics, prints and materials behind every single intricately detailed designer piece, not to mention the hard work and determination it takes for each designer to make it in the fashion industry. 

We're not trying to point fingers at fakes... but we are asking you to have a thorough think through of your options. If you find yourself in the large majority of fashion lovers with an itch for getting your hands on a iconic designer piece, but also without them dollar bills to recklessly blow, we urge you to rule out quick-fix Neverfull from the markets. 

Look no further sis. This is why we exist. 

While unfortunately we can't sell you a Gucci belt for €20, we can offer endless amounts of genuine designer pieces for an ethically-kind fraction of the price. Last week we literally sold a Fendi shoulder bag for €49. It may have a scuff on the bottom but it is €49 less for the shady, human rights-disrespecting black market and  €49 more for the circle of happy, dignified designer lovers. So if you're deciding between a pre-loved designer piece or a nearly perfect fake, let it be a no brainer. 

Louis Vuitton Lionne Damier Sauvage Pony Hair Handbag