• Christmas Gift Guide

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    Our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide

    Ella de Guzman 
    Siopaella Head Buyer & CEO

    With Christmas time right around the corner, we wanted to make giving that special something easy! Whether it's a last minute for the "impossible to buy for" or a "from me to me" we've got you sorted with our pick of the best "ready to gift" pieces. 

    Ella xx  

    Gift Inspo

    Chanel Lambskin "Trendy" Single Flap

    This gorgeous Chanel Grey Lambskin "Trendy" Flap Handbag is a big Christmas favourite of ours this year. 

    Gucci Monogram Dionysus GG Supreme

    One of the Insta Famous, bags of the year. The Dionysus has been super trendy this year and it's on every girls wish list! Even better, this one comes with its fabulous Gucci Box:-)

    Christian Dior "Lady Dior"

    A very "Lady" like gift, this quilted Dior is a classic & very elegant handbag for that gal who loves a more sophisticated, classic look. This piece was one of Dior's first bags that's still being made today over 20 years later.

    Hermès Mini Kelly 25 in Veau Togo Leather

    For the woman who has everything... almost. This baby Hermès Kelly is not for the faint hearted at €15,500 but its finely crafted Veau Togo leather & gold plated hardware make it something to pass on to the grandkids!

    Gucci Chevron Red Leather Wallet

    This Ruby Red Gucci Wallet is that perfect little gift for that gal who loves to carry minimal cards as it's a handy tiny compact size.

    Chanel Coral Lambskin "Boy" Wallet

    Every Chanel bag deserves a wallet of equal quality. We love the pop of color on this soft Lambskin leather wallet complete with a zippy coin compartment & multiple card slots.

    Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

    A classic Tiffany box is always a welcome sight, especially with this gorgeous Heart pendant. Sterling silver, this necklace is simple and ready to gift with a dustbag & box. 

    Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Keepall

    The ultimate weekend bag, we love the Damier print on this Keepall which as the name suggests has plenty of room for all those long weekend essentials.

    Chanel Jumbo Caviar Double Flap

    The grand old Dame of luxury fashion, Chanel have been at the forefront of fashion since the 1950's.  Their most iconic bag came in the 1980s when head designer Karl Lagerfeld created the now infamous interlocking CC's which adorns this Caviar leather classic flap. In pristine condition, this double flap is bound to be on anyone's wishlist.     

    Prada Double Zip Tote

    The Prada double zip is a classic at this stage and for good reason. With a structured shape finished in a gorgeous red saffiano leather, this bag is a perfect choice for the sartorial professional.  

    Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30

    An LV Speedy is a wardrobe staple but we especially love the Damier print on this beauty. The perfect "about town bag", its big enough to hold daily essentials without being so big that you load the kitchen sink into it!   

    Gucci 18k Gold Bracelet

    All that glitters really is gold with this classic Gucci horsebit bracelet. In 18k gold and with an RRP of €7,500 this piece is now at 1/3 off and is a real collectors piece.

    Miu Miu Wallet on Chain

    A Wallet on Chain is another one of those wardrobe staples. With a removable shoulder strap, this two tone Miu Miu doubles as a separate wallet making it a two in one gift!

    Classic Gucci Belt

    With a classic red & green stripe this Gucci belt is guaranteed to round off any designer outfit. Another wardrobe staple!

    Saint Laurent "Kate" Crossbody

    In gorgeous black, crocodile embossed calf leather this mini crossbody is a real show stopper! In excellent condition she may be small but she is perfect.

    Fendi Continental Wallet

    Fendi was back in vogue big time this year with many celebs sporting their classic double FF "zucha" print. This wallet is a more subtle piece with beautiful grained red leather, tonnes of card slots & a large zip pocket making it perfect for travel.

    Chanel Faux Pearl Necklace

    We love this simple Chanel necklace with a classic CC pendant embellished with faux pearls. With it's original dustbag & box it's ready to gift & would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

    Kate Spade Shoulder Bag

    Sadly, now departed, Kate Spade was known for making elegant affordable handbags. This powder blue leather crossbody is a great budget friendly choice that still offers designer quality  

    Mulberry Antony Crossbody Satchel

    The Mulberry "Antony" is always hugely popular with us. The satchel style and adjustable strap allow it to sit nicely on the hip and boosts Mulberry's signature grained leather. 

    Hermes "Kelly" Bracelet

    Hermés may be famous for their exclusive bags, but their gorgeous accessories hold the same style and simplicity. 

    This Hermes "kelly" bracelet is coral colored with the signature Hermès leather "Kelly" bag fastening.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    So we don't sell these but having used them for the last few months we can honestly say they are an incredible phone. A huge screen, awesome camera and the multi functional S pen which you will use far more than you think! 

    For the Boys

    Enter Brief/Backpack

    Three bags in one, from Swedish brand Enter this satchel/backpack comes with detachable backpack straps, a crossbody strap and top handle. 

    DJI Spark Drone

    We don't sell these bad boys but imagine the selfies you could get!

    Louis Vuitton Backpack

    Weekend in Barcelona? Travel in style with this classic LV backpack. Cabin size with plenty of storage so it's Ryanair friendly too :)

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  • Louis Vuitton Metis Madness: Siopaella has it in the bag!

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    Metis Madness: Louis Vuitton's Exclusive 'It' Bag

    Sold out online in stores worldwide in every model other than the embossed monogram leather, it’s nearly impossible to purchase a classic or reverse monogram unless you venture into the online resale market. We did some research online and could not find anywhere else in Ireland that had them in stock.... except for yours truly of course! We are so excited to have not one, not two, but THREE Louis Vuitton Metis bags available:


    - Classic Monogram Metis, priced at €1,999 

    - Reverse Monogram Metis, priced at €2,275 

    And a limited edition ‘Brogue’ Metis, adorned with a zig zag pattern (not unlike a classic Brogue shoe) and a soft black leather middle section, no longer listed on the Louis Vuitton website, priced at €2,100.

    Now, if you're an LV lover who’s been drooling over the Louis Vuitton official website for some time now, you'll notice that these prices are higher than those listed by Louis Vuitton themselves – this is because the bag is almost constantly sold out, with a long waiting list. When pricing bags here at Siopaella, we use the wider resale market as a reference, so we are making sure that the prices we set are fair and in line with other resellers.

    For example; on Vestiaire Collective, one of the most popular resale websites, the classic monogram Metis (that we have priced for €1,999) is going for anywhere between €1,990 up to €2,300. So we’re right on the nose for fair pricing of this bag! Obviously if the bag was in poor condition, we would price it lower, but ours is brand spanking new! (Complete with its lovely dustbag, box, paper bag and pretty blue ribbon!)

    It’s a similar story for the Reverse monogram Metis priced at €2,275. On Vestiaire prices for this bag range in and around the €2,300 mark. The biggest bargain of our little collection has to be the ‘Brogue’ Metis! As it’s limited edition and no longer available from Louis Vuitton, the resale prices are climbing! With those on Vestiaire selling for between €2,600, all the way up to €3,500 in some cases! At €2,100 from Siopaella, it really is (relatively speaking) a steal!

    Speaking to a representative from Louis Vuitton, they could not confirm a waiting list time! They did say that they can only supply a store with one Metis at a time, so who knows how long you could be waiting depending on how many customers at your store have ordered one! Word on the street is, it could be as long 2 years for us normal folk, and a couple of months for celebs....but we can't say for sure. As always if you're interested in any of these Metis pieces, you can always swap items from your own gorgeous wardrobe to offset the purchase price:) Call 01 558 1389 to speak to one of our friendly Buyers or email your items tht you fancy trading to info@siopaella.com x

    Shop our must-have Metis collection below!

    Classic Monogram


    Reverse Monogram


    Limited Edition 'Brogue'


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  • The Siopaella Diaries

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    The siopaella diaries

    Welcome to part one of The Siopaella Diaries!

    Our Siopaella team have had an incredible week these past 7 days. From movie premiers to fashion festivals, we have been busy getting to know new and interesting people here in Ireland. Part of our goals for the next 12 months include collaborating more with other small businesses and helping people to really understand the importance of recycling fashion. To do this, we need to be out and about meeting new, like minded people. We are so grateful for this past week as we met so many incredible people. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to once the shutters go down at night!

    Guinness #phonesdown event

    Tasty pints of Guinness and ham ’n’ cheese toasties? Sure look, it doesn’t get much better than that, especially when the company is top notch too! We had a night full of meaningful conversations at the Guinness #phonesdown event in Doheny and Nesbitt's where we were told to put down our phones and to get chatting to new people. This night inspired new connections with people from different industries and we look forward to Siopaella paying visits to some of Dublin’s largest corporate offices to roll out our new Corporate Clearouts over the coming months!

     A huge thank you to Doheny and Nesbitt’s, Guinness and Wilson Hartnell for making sure that we were so well looked after.

    Crazy Rich Asians Premier at Movies @ Dundrum

    Honestly one of the best movies we have ever seen! A true feel good movie! We laughed, we cried… and then we laughed again! A definite must see for a any bunch of girls! Thanks so much to Warner Bros for having us. 

    Dublin Fashion Festival

    The Siopaella team were beyond thrilled to partake in this year’s Dublin Fashion Festival hosted by Dublin Town. Being able to take the Siopaella team to the fashion show was really important for us as a small business as each and every staff member contributes so much to Siopaella’s success. One of our sales assistants had even styled our Prada look for the show so seeing it come down the runway was an exciting and rewarding moment for the team!

    We were so lucky to get such a special shout out from the hosts, Cassie and Clyde, on the night encouraging the audience to visit Siopaella the following evening for bubbles and a customer competition! 

    Thank you to the team at Dublin Town for having us. We look forward to doing it all again next year!

    Guinness X Timmermans

    Many thanks to the Open Gate Brewery for having us at the uncorking of the new Lambic and Stout beer by Guinness and Timmermans. Two legendary breweries combined for what was another successful evening with great conversation, company, and good beer!

    The new Guinness X Timmermans with our Louis Vuiton Damier Graphite "Steve" briefcase


    Carlsberg Unfiltered

    Well, we didn’t know that Carlsberg do mystery tours… and we have to say… that this was probably the best mystery tour in the world!

    Picked up outside the Wilson Hartnell offices and whisked away in a big black bus, no one knew where we were going to end up. With tummies rumbling and suspense building as we drove towards the Dublin mountains in the last of the evening sun, we were so pleasantly surprised when we pulled into The Hazel House in Tibradden. We were greeted by outdoor fires, picnic benches, blankets and, of course, a bar serving only the finest Carlsberg unfiltered lager. Head Brewer of the Carlsberg Group, Erik Lund, even joined us to speak to us about the creation of the new unfiltered lager and how the menu infront of us had been carefully crafted to compliment it.


    We enjoyed a snapshot into authentic Danish culture or hygge - the Danish art of cosiness. Eating outdoors and sharing dishes with new people from different backgrounds, we again struck up good conversation about the importance of collaborating with other small businesses and supporting one another. Safe to say that our our mini-Denmark outdoor setting was a fine way to bring the summer to a close. Thank you to Diageo, Wilson Hartnell and Carlsberg for inviting us along to this special evening. 

    The new Carlsberg unfiltered with our Classic Lambskin Chanel Single Flap - available in-store & online now ( the Chanel that is ! )

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  • Festival-proof rainwear - Elka fit guide

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    Our Elka raincoats are one of our favourite things that we have on offer in Siopaella. Their amazing quality, huge colour range and versatility when it comes to styling are what makes them the perfect wardrobe staple. Especially in this little rainy corner of the world.

    Considering investing in some high-quality rainwear that will see you through the summer festival season and well into the cold, damp winter? Look no further. We're going to fill you in on all the info you need, regarding sizes, styles, fits and colours, so you can make an informed decision!


    SIZES: XS - L

    COLOURS: Birch, Dusty Green, Pink, Faded Denim, Oil Yellow, Bordeaux

    The Elka 'Saeby' style is designed for women and fits the female shape a lot more comfortably than the original Elka styles. 

    The length of the arms is slightly shorter, and overall the coat is more tailored and less oversized. The hip area is cut slightly wider than other Elka styles to accommodate the natural curves of the female shape.

    Petite men who prefer a neater shaped jacket may also prefer the Saeby!

    Pictured: Saeby Birch, size M

    Shop Saeby

    Click the links below to shop our range of Elka Saeby

    Saeby Birch

    Saeby Pink

    Saeby Faded Denim

    Saeby Oil Yellow

    Saeby Bordeaux

    Saeby Dusty Green


    SIZES: XS - L

    COLOURS: Extensive colour range. Both single block colour and dual-colour options available

    Sønderby is the classic men's silhouette from Elka. It's longer length and less fitted body mean it fits the male frame perfectly, but is also totally for any women who like a more casual, oversized approach to outerwear.

    The extra long sleeves can be rolled up out of the way, but come in handy for shielding your hands if you find yourself cycling during a downpour. 

    Something to note if you're a gal looking for a Sønderby: If you have wide hips, size up to avoid gaping between buttons! The masculine shape of the Sønderby means the body of the jacket tapers slightly on the way down.

    Shop Sønderby

    Here's our Top 3 picks from the Single Block Colour range

    Sønderby Olive Green

    Sønderby Navy

    Sønderby Green Woods

    Shop Sønderby

    Here's our Top 3 picks from the Dual-Colour range!.

    Sønderby Navy & Shelter Blue

    Sønderby Camo

    Sønderby Orange & Bordeaux

    That's just a taster of our Elka selection! There is a colour, shape and style to suit everyone.

    They are absolutely perfect for keeping you dry during Electric Picnic, a hiking trip, or just everyday life running around rainy Ireland.

    Sarah Keating

    Stylist @ Siopaella

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  • Brand Love : Prada + Miu Miu <3

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    Brand Love - Prada and Miu Miu

    Here at Siopaella we love Prada and it's sister brand Miu Miu! Although both brands essentially come from the same place they are completely different! Especially in terms of styles and designs...Here is a few points why we love both Prada and Miu Miu so much! 

    Prada - The Iconic Saffiano Leather

    Something that Prada is most well known for is its iconic Saffiano leather. It was created by Mario Prada and is essentially a textured leather that makes it extremely resistant to scratches. After Saffiano leather was perfected in 1913 they began the production of their very first handbag, 'The Saffiano'. Which is now one of the most iconic bags in fashion history. 

    Prada Black Patent Saffiano Mini Cross Body Bag

    Prada Nude Saffiano Double Zip Tote

    Prada Saffiano Tartan-Print Shoulder Bag 

    A brief history of Miu Miu:

    Miuccia Prada first created Prada's sister brand Miu Miu in 1993 with its first boutique opening in Milan. Miu Miu's first runway show at New York Fashion Week in 1995 featured supermodel Kate Moss and this immediately caught the attention of the fashion world. Miuccia Prada herself said that she would describe Miu Miu of more of her personal style than Prada. Personally I think Miu Miu has that little bit more of a youthful style than Prada...but I love them both all the same! <3 

    Miu Miu Bicolour Madras Satchel   

    Miu Miu Cream & Nude Wallet on Chain

    Miu Miu Burgundy Madras Convertible Compartment Tote

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