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    Last week myself, Ella and Steve attended the first ever Dublin Tech Summit at the Convention Centre. It was two days packed back to back with talks, discussions and panels all about ... yep you guessed it, tech! 

    I was of the view of tech being something of a foreign language made up of symbols and wires that I could never understand. The DTS totally shifted that view and made the world of tech more accessible and not so other worldly to me.

    There were talks and discussions on fashion in a tech world. the power of video, storytelling through social media as well as tips and tricks from some of the best in the biz! 

    We took in as much as our coffee fuelled brains would allow and can't wait to put into practice everything we learned.  

    So expect in store styling robots, drone deliveries and personalised online holograms next time you shop with us!

    Until next time DTS, 

    Ciara x 

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    Posted by Ella de Guzman

    Design powerhouse Celine was formed by husband-wife duo Robert and Celine Vipiana. With humble beginnings in 1945, they slowly grew in popularity and recognition for their made to measure goods. Personalities Princess Caroline and Prince Albert began to sport their designs and the brand quickly became recognisable.
    From the 1950's they began to develop their range to include men and women's footwear, handbags and luxury goods.Their ready-to-wear collections were aimed at a 'middle class market' as opposed to just appealing to 'an elite few'. Fabrics like denim were used and sporty but feminine cuts were created with a simple idea in mind; the modern woman does not need fancy outfits, she needs chic clothes. Celine's ideas were a modern day fashion revolution - and with that she conquered the fashion market.
    Following her focus on chic, wearable clothing, Celine focused her attention back to handbags, and in the 1970's her first signature bag was born - the C sulky canvas. The bag was an instant hit and Celine instantly became a household name. In 1999 Micheal Kors was appointed lead designer and creative director but left shortly after.
    If you look in any windows currently, you may perhaps feel a sense of deja vu and see an ongoing trend of boxy, winged shape leather bags. This is in fact not a coincidence but the unmistakable influence of Celine's newest creative director and bag pioneer, Phoebe Philo. Perhaps the most iconic bags are the Trapeze and Phantom bags.
    Us Siopaella girls are big fans of Celine! What do you think?
    Colleen xx

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    Any fashion lover wants to have a strong bag game, but let's face it not everyone has 2000 to drop on a designer bag. I'll admit I do lust after the bags we get in, and consider putting one on my visa. However I also need to eat and pay rent, so the Chanel will have to wait. For anyone else facing the same issue I have picked my top 5 favourite bags under 200, so you can still look trendy and afford groceries at the same time.
    I love the simplicity of this leather Radley leather box bag. It gives you the option to go hand held or cross body. For anyone looking for an everyday bag that's not too big or bulky this is the perfect size for you as it fits the essentials; wallet, lipstick, sunglasses planner. At only 99 euros you wont break the bank.
    A pop of color can add so much to your outfit. I love the how bright this lovely purple color is.This LK Bennet bag is great for a night out, at 89 euros you won't have a mini heart attack if you spill wine on it.
    This gorgeous firetruck red Coach handbag is the perfect practical bag. It's big enough to fit all your bits and pieces with room to spare, and gives you the option of hand held or cross body. You really can't go wrong with this trendy yet functional bag, especially for 169 euros!
    For anyone looking for something different this patent leather Orla Keily is definatley the perfect choice for you. The peach color is perfect for transitioning into spring, and the frill detail and gold chain is so fun and feminine. You'll definatley stand out in this bag, and at 139 euros won't feel guilty for breaking your budget. 
    If your struggling with space in your handbag or your bag is constantly bursting at the seams then it might be time to invest in a tote bag. This Longchamp tote is perfect for a weekend away or for your office items. This tote is made from canvas so it's extremely durable amd only 39 euros. You really cannot go wrong with this bag!
    These 5 are my favourites but if you haven't seen anything you are crazy for,be sure to check our website. We have a great selection of bags under 200 euros for all you budget friendly gals.
    xx Liz

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    Posted by Ella de Guzman

    Buying vintage or pre-loved clothes and accessories has become a new trend in the past few years. Besides the obvious point of it being way more affordable, there are so many more benefits to buying second hand. Below are our top 5 reasons why!

    [powr-media-gallery id=44c14fea_1486812479]

    1. You find unique pieces that you're guaranteed not to see on five other people that day.

    2. It's eco-friendly, buying clothes and accessories that were pre-loved helps the environment because it means less clothes are being made cheaply and in sweatshops. Although it's not the first thing that comes to mind when you're out shopping, who wants to pass up the opportunity to help our planet!

    3. Shopping in second hand or consignment stores is way more exciting than in high street stores. Every piece is different and it adds to the excitement when you finally find your dream pair of shoes or bag to match your Friday night outfit!

    4. It's a lot kinder to your purse- why spend more on a new dress when you can get one that's probably even better second hand?

    5. Last but definitely not least, your helping out local businesses and keeping money in your community, which is always a good thing.

    [powr-media-gallery id=c32c3407_1486812855]

    With all that in mind it seems like the obvious choice is to buy vintage or pre-loved clothes and accessories, you'll get addicted soon enough!

    -Lisa xx

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    Posted by Ella de Guzman

    We all love a classic Louis Vuitton print, and the monogram has to be one of the most recognizable prints in the fashion industry. From Classic to multicolour we have been lucky enough at Siopaella to have received our biggest drop off of LV yet! For all Louis lovers out there I would like to share some info on the different canvas prints available in our shop, as well as a sneak peak of what bags we have in stock!

    The classic Monogram was created in the 1800's and was used for luxury luggage. Leather bags were not made using this canvas print until the 1900's. The monogram pattern was inspired by Japanese artwork which was popular at that time. That's where the flowers and the LV initial come from. The canvas is water resistant and very durable. 

    Something that I recently found doing my LV reaserch was that the Damier pattern was made before the classic canvas. Damier when translated actually means "checkerboard". The Ebene Damier is the canvas that comes in dark brown and tan checkerboard, while the Azur comes in grey and cream checkerboard. 

    The monogram Vernis was created in the 80's by Marc Jacobs. Vernis when translated means "varnish", and the LV have just that look. I love how glossy the canvas is, it is very similar to patent leather, and we have the most fabulous colors in at the moment. For anyone looking for a spring/summer bag, these would be perfect!

    Epi Leather is a lovely rigid and sturdy leather. Its is also the easiest to care for and clean, which makes it perfect for everyday use. Epi Leather was introduced in the 80's, and is the most recognizable canvas next to the classic monogram. The leather is matte, and not over the top which makes it easy to match and subtle. 

    That was only a handful of the amazing Louis Vuitton bags we have in stock, so make sure to check our website for more. For anyone looking to consign their LV bags we would love love LOVE to hear from you. Check the website for more info about selling with us. 

    xx Liz





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