Something we get asked about all the time is 
how to care for your Louis Vuitton bags. The canvas is basically indestructible however can get marks and scratches... which no one wants on their Louis.  So here are a few tips on how to keep your LV canvas in top condition :)


Louis Vuitton canvas can look faded over time and this can be from dirt build up. The best way to keep your canvas looking fresh is to use water based baby wipes. Monogram canvas can also get scuff marks which can be cleaned with baby wipes and leather cleaner :)


The hardware is made from brass and can darken or loose it's luster. A great affordable fix is to use magic erasers. No need to get them wet as dry ones work just fine to get your hardware shiny again.

Cleaning vachetta is a bit trickier. The vachetta is the tanned untreated calf leather, which darkens over time. Newer bags go a lovely honey colour, however that older ones can become extremely dark due to the oil on your hands. The best way to care for vachetta is when new allow to sit in the sun for a hour for around three weeks. This will allow the leather to tan. Spray the leather with a water and stain repellent spray, which can be purchased in most stores that sell leather products. Lastly you can also remove the stains with a dry eraser :)


Some other tips for caring for your canvas bags are to keep your bag stuffed and stored in the dust bag when not using it. Store the bag in an upright position and in a climate controlled area ( the best place is your closet)

Remember if you ever want to consign your Louis, you 'll get a better resale if your bags are in good condition :) So take care of them. Here is a sneak peak of our canvas bags. 


Elizabeth Jones

Buyer and Stylist