Editor in Chief at Picture This! Dublin stopped by for a chat with us here in Siopaella about his past style, shopping online and what he's getting up to.

We have known Timi for a couple years now, ever since he first visited Siopaella with the Picture This team back in 2013 during their walking tour.  From day one he's always been a huge supporter of Siopaella (well maybe its because Raquel humped his leg within seconds of meeting him and that's always a good sign right?). We all truly love how he's brought so much positivity to the Dublin scene and its beautiful cityscape. Him and his team at Picture This find the most beautiful shots of Dublin and sometimes in the strangest of places. Just search for #enjoyyourcity on Instagram and you'll know what we mean! Timi is by far one of the most stylish guys we know (um-kay - he makes you want to buy blue specs and if you don't know what we mean, have a look at one of our favorite photos of Timi here...) so we knew we had to have him over for the lolz and the chats. PS - he showed up wearing Balmain - what more can we say?!

Take it away Timi!

Personal evolution of style is something we all have in common. Can you describe your transition through the years? Firstly my Mum and Dad dressed me from day one but for longer than normal! I come from a conservative Nigerian family so they dressed me and my little brother the same all the time. My style has always consisted of colour and eclectic-ness. From the age of 14 my style became more personal. I spent so long trying to fit in but now " I don't care!" (casually exhaling). What is your fondest fashion memory? (laughs) Well, in TX MAXX 9 years ago I found a pair of bright green high-tops with a massive red dragon on the sides. Later I found out they were a collectors item! If blogging wasn't something you worked on, what other area in the fashion industry would you see yourself in and why? Buying. I'm studying Supply Chain Management at the moment which I love and it's so interesting. In buying there's something so great about knowing what is happening with trends. It's good to know what's happening behind the scenes of the not so glamorous side of the business and that's why my course appeals so much to me. I really love it! What is the most cherished item that you own?  The shoes I'm wearing right now.
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What's the one item you would never consign to Siopaella?

Of course not my blue glasses!

What is more favourable to you - online or in-store shopping and why?

In-store. However, I've done quite a lot of online shopping this year. In-store you can feel the clothes and have fun with the sales staff and stylists. For example, people only shop in Boo-hoo because it's cheap but we can't interact or chat with their staff. I do hope brick and mortar will be around forever.

Clothes make you feel...

With clothes I can project a version of myself.

Thank you so much Timi for stopping by! Make sure and say hi to Timi next time you see him whizz down Dublin streets and alleyways on his trusty BMX!

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Blog: www.iamtimi.com

Words by: Seana Henry & Ella De Guzman

Photography: Ella De Guzman