Dublin embraces its inner Goth this weekend with its annual Bram Stoker Festival. The festival boasts four days of living stories and four nights of deadly adventures this bank holiday weekend. The events are happening all over Dublin city. Highlights will include the "New Blood" party at Projects Arts Centre on Sunday and street performance company, Macnas closing of the festival on Monday with their breath-taking cross city procession.

Louis Bram Stoker                Raquel Bram Stoker

Last year Louis & Raquel got visited from some very friendly vampires*

In celebration of the festival, our three stores will be hosting in-store promotions and will be channeling everything gloriously gothic this weekend. Keep an eye out on our social media as we'll be posting outfit ideas that not only Stoker but Dracula himself would approve of! If you're looking for inspiration take a look at our trend report on Gothic Victoriana here and for more information on the festival itself check out their website here.

Anna urban vampire

We wish you a happy but spooky Bram Stoker festival!

*Don't worry no pooches where harmed or eaten!

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