In the next part of The Magic of Four blog series we're giving you the lowdown on a store credit or part exchange account! This suits those who are downsizing their bag collection and just looking for that one GOOD bag rather than a lot of little ones! It also suits those who can't afford to buy the bag of their dreams straight out so a lot of the time they trade up e.g. buying a Michael Kors using it, then trading that against a Louis Vuitton, using the LV and then trading that against a Chanel bag. All the while working your way up the dream bag ladder!

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Step 1: Bring in Your Items

Have a look at our updated wishlists and bring in your designer bags and accessories to our 25a Temple Lane South store where one of our buyers will go through your pieces and appraise them.

Step 2: Appraise

One of our buyers will appraise your pieces in store and let you know how much you have in store credit. Like a cash account, brand new things, no older than two years old are what we mainly take in. However, unlike a cash account the split for you is higher with a store credit account!

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Step 3: Store Credit Account

We start up your store credit account account and give you your Siopaella number for life and then it's up to you what you spend it on! A store credit account is the perfect option for the savvy shopper; it gives you more money off an already discounted handbag!

Step 4: Siopaella Shopping Spree

The store credit doesn't have to be spent the day the account is made, rather it is kept there for you to spend when you choose in any of our four stores and also online!

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Ciara x