We're sure you've all heard our huge news by now! We've been hinting at it since April (I know right?) but now we can finally officially announce it without fear of jinxing it... YES we are opening up our FOURTH store!!!

We're so excited even though it needs a lot of love and TLC. We're hoping that you will love it too <3


[powr-media-gallery id=6c50b42f_1475058783]


So in honour of our new flagship (location to be announced...watch this space!!) we're going to do a four part blog series all about selling with us. This will include the different options to suit you (we have a layaway program yippeeee) and finishing with a blog all about the four stores and what each will be (yes this means we'll be answering all those questions you guys have in relation to the new store).

Four is the magic number you guys...now all we have to do is convince Steve to get two more dogs so we can have four of them too!!

Ciara x