In part two of The Magic of Four blog series we're giving you the lowdown on cash! Yes that's right - cold hard cash for your pieces!! The first few steps are similar to consignment, but once you leave the shop you forget about your bits and start thinking about how you're going to spend your dollar billz! 


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Step 1: Bring in Your Items

Have a look at our updated wishlists and bring in your designer bags and accessories to our 25a Temple Lane South store where one of our buyers will go through your pieces and appraise them.

Step 2: Appraise

One of our buyers will appraise your pieces in store and let you know the cash price. When it comes to a cash account, brand new things, no older than two years old are what we mainly take in.  Cash really suits people who don't want to wait and who need the cash quick! It also suits people who just want to forget about the pieces forever (e.g. ex boyfriend gifts)!! 

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Step 3: Cash in Your Hand

Once we've appraised your items, there's nothing left to do but pay you in cold, hard cash! You wave goodbye to your bits, never to see them again! 


Step 4: Squander, Spend, Save

Step 4 is all up to you! The cash is now yours to squander, spend or save! Whether it's on a holiday to the Maldives, paying off that Credit Union loan or heading over to our other store and purchasing that Chanel bag you've always wanted (however we would recommend getting a store credit account rather than a cash account, more of which will be in the next blog post)! Like a consignment account your cash account is yours forever so if you've any more bits to bring in it will all be done under the one account :)


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Ciara x