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Part one of our "The Magic of Four" blog series is all about consignment. This is probably the most poular choice as it allows us to price your item higher and more competitively therefore getting you more bang for your buck! Here are the four steps to consigning with Siopaella!
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Step 1: Bring in your items

Have a look at our updated wishlists and bring in your bits to our 25a Temple Lane South store where one of our buyers will go through your pieces and appraise them. You could receive up to 80% of the resale price of your items.

Step 2: Appraise

One of our buyers will appraise your pieces in store and give you a rough estimate that you will receive so long as everything in your account sells. If it doesn't sell? You just pick up your pieces after the three months or we can post them back to you.  High street and other items priced under €40 are automatically donated to charity after three months.

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Step 3: Wait for it to sell

Your bags and accessories stay with us for three months where we will photograph them and upload them onto out website and share across our social media channels (aka selfies with your gorge bits). In the mean time you relax in your decluttered house watching your items sell on the website.


Step 4: Cha Ching 

After three months you can call us to get the latest update on your account and we can mail you out a cheque or you can call in to the store not only for the chats and Louis cuddles but also to pick it up the cheque or cash in person! 

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