Our favorite Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton is without a doubt on of our best selling brands. I love the variety of prints, materials and styles to choose from. I recently wrote a blog on the most popular materials for LV bags, however we're still receiving questions about which styles are the best. So here are our favorite and best selling   

The Speedy

This bag is definitely the most famous and iconic of them all. The speedy is a mini copy of the very popular Keepall luggage, and it comes in four different sizes; 25, 30, 35 and 40. These bags don't stick around for long when we get them in, so definitely a good investment bag.


The Neverfull

Neverfulls are our next runner up for best sellers,we are always getting messages to see if we have any in stock. These bags are great because they are so practical for day to day use. They are lightweight, durable and great for travelling.

The Metis

These bags are so beautiful... and extremely hard to get your hands are. There are special forums discussing how long the wait-list is in different parts of the world. Keep an eye out on our Instagram stories, the Metis will be snapped up quickly in our unboxing videos.

The Alma

The Alma was released in the 1930's and is recognized for its dome shape. It comes in 4 different size; Nano, BB, PM and MM. Our favorite and best selling size is the BB, it comes in an array of colors and different materials and the size is perfect.



The Keepall

Travel in style with the LV keepall. This style was also 

created in the 1930's and said to have been a custom 

order for Coco Chanel. 


The Noe

An extremely useful bag for all our Champagne  loving gals. The Noe was designed to carry five bottles of champagne, one base up in the middle and four base down around it:) It was also the first ever bucket bag, and now comes in a smaller size called the BB.

Elizabeth Jones