LOUIS VUITTON - The Materials

Here at Siopaella, we often get questions about Louis Vuitton bags and which type of material is the best choice.Louis Vuitton originally started as a luxury luggage company, so it has a history of durable yet stylish pieces. So here are the most popular types of materials you can choose from.

Coated Canvas

This is LV's most popular material as it is used to make the classic monogram, damier and azur prints. It was created in the 1800's making it the original material. Cotton canvas is extremely durable and also waterproof.  Shop our canvas print bags below.

This leather was created in 2010. It's made from calfskin and it is lovely and soft to touch. Empreinte is very easily cleaned and durable.  Due to the pigments used to make this material, the colors turn out extremely bright and beautiful.



Vernis leather was introduced by Marc Jacobs in 1998. 

Vernis is the french word for varnish, which describes

 the lovely shiny finish over this calfskin leather. 

The only caution about the Vernis finish is that it 

does scratch the easiest, so extra care has to be 


Next to the monogram, Epi leather is the most recognizable material used by LV. Epi leather is a rigid and extremely durable material which is treated with plant dye to give it a matte finish. It's a great choice for everyday use because it is totally waterproof and doesn't scratch easily.



Another great choice for everyday use, this leather is durable as well as lightweight. It differs from the other materials because of the larger grains used, making it bumpy to touch.

So those are the most popular LV fabrics and the types that we carry the most of here at Siopaella Designer Exchange. I hope you found this helpful when trying to decide. If there is a material not mentioned here that you would like some info on, be sure to send us a message. Don't forget that we are always taking in Louis Vuitton bags, so if you have one you would like to sell send us pictures to info@siopaella.com or call us on 089 617 0937


Liz Jones

Stylist & Buyer