With festival season just around the corner, it's almost time to start planning those fabulous festival outfits! I know I certainly am. Whatever look you go for whether it be sequins, feathers or both it can easily be spoiled with the Irish weather. I'm sure we all have stories about being drowned out  at our favorite festivals. Luckily at Siopaella, we have just the pieces for all you festival goers that will keep you dry and looking fabulous no matter what look you go for. 
I'm sure we have all at one stage made the mistake of purchasing the cheapest rain jacket we could find for festival weekend. The outcome: cold, still wet and full of regret. This year make an investment in something that will last, and our Elka jackets are just perfect. Made with care in Denmark using high quality materials, these jackets are designed to be 100% waterproof and insulated. We also carry them in the most delicious colors. I have my eye on the candy floss pink for Body and Soul :) But don't worry fellas, we have other colors for you. 
Now that you're sorted for staying dry, it's time to think about your belongings. It could really dampen your weekend if your phone gets water damaged! How will you document your holiday on Snapchat and Instagram (eeeeek). Our Enter backpacks are spacious, durable, washable and 100% waterproof. They are the perfect solution for keeping your valuables dry over a rain filled weekend.  You'll get your moneys worth from purchasing one, as they make the perfect everyday bag- especially for anyone who over packs!
Be sure to check our website for the full collection of  Elka Jackets and Enter bags. 
Happy shopping! xx