Arguably one of the most recognizable brands in the world, many people are familiar with the brand Louis Vuitton - in fact its one of Siopaella's best sellers. The classic monogrammed LV is the most distinguishable logo associated with the iconic label. If you're lucky enough to be an owner of one of these bags, you'll know that each of their bags are specially handmade with care and precision. We've put together a little synopsis about Louis Vuitton, from its design history to the types of material used, right down to the care instructions to ensure you have the best knowledge of these bags before investing! 

Monogram Design History

In the 100 years since its creation, Louis Vuitton has been responsible for the invention of timeless Monogram bags. Coming in the form of everything from wallets to luggage, the design epitomizes the heritage and authenticity of the house. Carried through decades by Louis Vuitton's son, George Vuitton, he created a unique canvas material in order to fail counterfeiters - a material still used today! 

Types of Material 

The Monogram Canvas 

The canvas material is instantly recognisable, composed of bold graphics and a unique floral pattern that is intertwined with Louis Vuitton initials. The coated, flexible and simultaneously sturdy fabric has remained a firm favourite and stood the testament of time throughout the changing decades of fashion. 

Created through a coated canvas process, it is extremely resistant to rain and scratches and suited to an everyday lifestyle - quite frankly a highly functional piece! One of the oldest bags we have ever had at Siopaella was approx 100 years old and still in immaculate condition to this day! A continuously timeless and durable design, the Monogram canvas is created in a full range of bags and models that are constantly renewed each season. 

The Finest Leathers

Leather is used in all Louis Vuitton bags as well and is generally found in the trim that we see on all monogrammed bags. Each leather trim is unique to each bag. This amber patina ages gorgeously with time.  Throughout the years the canvas has been combined with other fine leathers such as calfskin, cowhide and exotic leathers. These leathers are chosen based on their resilience and rarity. 

Care Guidelines

In order to keep your Louis Vuitton in tip-top condition (and get more value for your re-sale!) Louis Vuitton recommends specific care guidelines.

Rule number one - try to not to scratch it against abrasive surfaces as this can cause permanent damage, specifically to the leather trims. Keep it away from damp and humid environments, particularly avoiding direct contact with the sun or exposing it to heat such as radiators. The canvas can melt if if you leave your bag on any heat source! Be super careful with make up and sprays such as perfumes and deodorants. If you use handcream, take care when holding the handles of your bag to avoid an uneven patina. Always use a makeup bag as certain foundations and solvents can cause permanent damage. Most importantly always store it in its beautiful dustbag.

Each canvas and leather slightly differ in care. The monogram canvas can be cleaned with a damp cloth, whereas the cowhide can stain if it comes into contact with water. Cowhide and calfskin also need to avoid greasy substances and abrasive surfaces as they will be permanently damaged! As for exotic leathers, keep them away from humidity and rain! As long as you follow the proper care instructions your Louis Vuitton should stand up to its name and withstand the test of time beautifully!  

Siopaella xx