Here at Siopaella we LOVE Chanel! Love might be an understatement - obsessive is more like it. It's an iconic brand that fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters all around the world respect and follow. Chanel's catwalk shows are an experience in themselves with stories to tell and a runway decked out to tell it (remember Dallas Texas pre-fall 2014 and the feminist rally SS/15).

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Out of the 3,000 brands we sell, Chanel is (and this a fact) our best selling brand. It's the brand that moves the quickest and garners the most love from customers and consignors alike. Over the last 5 years we have recycled more Chanel in Ireland than any other resale company in the country. With the Siopaella layaway and part exchange plans, owning a Chanel has become more accessible so do ask if it can be paid off in handy little instalments!

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Want that bag with the best ROI (aka return on investment)? Chanel has one of the best resale figures than any other brand.  We had one seller who actually MADE money when she sold us her Chanel bag. She paid approximately 1,600 euros for it back in 2006 and we re-sold it for 3,300, thereby giving her 2,310 euros  (you get 70% of the resale price of a classic Chanel flap in excellent condition) which is 710 euros more than what she paid for it!  A whooping 44% increase in her initial investment! Take that AIB stocks!!

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We love all things Chanel - from classic dresses, Boy bags, Classic 2.55s and THAT little black jacket. We've had them all except for pieces from this season's luggage collection - fingers crossed someone will bring one in soon...

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So if you have any Chanel to sell, we're the place to do it!  We're a FULL SERVICE resale store which means that if you sell us your Chanel (or anything else on our wishlist) we'll also take in you high street clothes, shoes and accessories - something we do exclusively. Yes - we can re-home your entire wardrobe throughout our three locations in Dublin. For more information email or call us on 01 677 9106 / 01 442 1747.

Ciara x

siopaella and chanel a match made in heaven

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