If you're a chocolate lover like me, Easter is a weekend full of munching on eggs and stuffing myself with chocolate bunnies. Life doesn't get better then a four day weekend if you're a chocoholic! If chocolate isn't your thing, fear not- you can still treat yourself to something a little different, like one of our designer handbags. We're constantly getting in new ones and trust me, it's hard to pick a favourite, but I've rounded up my top 5 bags for every budget. Whether you've €100 in your pocket or €1000, there's something for everything at Siopaella Designer Exchange!


Under €100


Christian Dior Vintage Monogram Envelope Clutch (€99)

This vintage Dior clutch is the perfect party bag- big enough to hold the essentials (phone, lipstick, money, chocolate.. the essentials) but small enough to fit comfortably under the arm. A little vintage never killed no body!


Under €500


Louis Vuitton Monogram Trouville Handbag (€499)

There's no denying that Louis Vuitton is a classic brand that never goes out of style, and our wide range in store and online is there to prove it. This one is a personal favourite of mine, mainly because of it's size and structured shape. This one is the perfect every day bag for the girl that doesn't carry her kitchen sink around with her!


Under €1000


Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 6 Black Leather Handbag (€995)

If I could buy any bag here at Siopaella right at this instant, this is the bag I'd go for. Coveted among fashion bloggers and celebrities alike, it's easy to see why this dreamy calfskin leather bag is at the top of my wishlist! The long strap is a bonus for those who are on the go and just want a bag to throw over their shoulder. Isn't it just gorgeous?!


Under €2000


Celine Navy Croc Embossed Leather Medium Phantom Tote (€1'995)

Oh Celine, how you've stolen my heart with this classy navy tote. Again, this one is a firm favourite among bloggers and social media gurus. This large tote bag would be my dream college bag, just because it's so big! If you really feel like treating yourself this weekend. you won't go wrong with this.


Happy Easter everyone!

Rachel xx