For the first time since I bought my trusted Hunter wellies I am wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' for rain (you sang that too didn't you)! Why you may ask? Oh, well only because we went and got ourselves the cutest new rainjackets since the bumblebee and ladybird ones we all had in Junior Infants! Let me introduce, Elka rainjackets!

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If you're up to date with all our social media channels especially Instagram and Snapchat, you would have seen a lot of talk about our new venture. If you're not up to date, stop what you're doing and go follow us for a first look at what we do, what we think and what we look and sound like (I warn you though it's not always pretty even with all the Snapchat filters)! This new venture is something we've been thinking about for a while and we thought feck it, 2016 is our year, let's get it done! So, we have begun curating our own Siopaella collection. The collection features brands we worship at prices we love and in a Siopaella first...we have MORE THAN ONE SIZE!

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Elka is one of the brands we are stocking. They specialise in rainwear and hey, we live in Ireland and it rains...sooooo it really was a no brainer. The best part? The colours and quality of the jackets! I have yet to choose a favourite colour. I flit between the olive to the yellow to the red but then the black will go with everything!? They're a really great fit and a really good price point as these are no ordianiry, mac in a sac rainjackets. What we loved about them was how fashionable they are yet still an instant classic. That kind of style is a Siopaella favourite as we're all about smart buying and these Elka rainjackets are for life!

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With the Electric Picnic and Longitude line up announced we're already starting our summer festival wardrobe and I'll tell you this much! These Elka rainjackets are no.1 on my to just choose a colour.

Ciara x

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