Here at Siopaella, we're all about ethical fashion. We like to get some serious bang for our buck so we know that a heavenly Hermès or a classic Chanel 2.55 bag is the ultimate investment piece, worth giving up the latte for. Whether you're after a little piece of history like one of Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel or Fendi beauties or an entry ticket into the designer handbag sphere without spending major spondulex, we've got you sorted. Here's Siopaella blogger Mary's top five designer bags for every price-point:


Longchamp is known for its durability and hard-wearing fabric which is essential for the Irish weather. This logo print tote bag is your ticket to designer arm candy without breaking the bank. The size allows for a decent-sized diary as well as all your makeup essentials so it's our number one style steal of the day, ranking it at the lowest price-point in our designer bag edit.

Longchamp tote Mary


No-one can accuse Karl Lagerfeld of out-staying his welcome in the world of fashion. Despite having presided over the house of Fendi since 1965, everything Lagerfeld touches turns to gold-dust which is why we reckon this Fendi monogram shoulder bag is the deal of the century. The discount on this handbag is insane, making it an accessible price point for a designer bag, even for those on a budget. Fendi monogram


Did you know if you give up your €3.20-a-day caffeine hit, in less than five months, you will be able to afford such luxury as this Christian Dior tote  designer bag? NO. Neither did we. Until we did the maths, of course. The size of this tote justifies the price point and the flexible colour makes it a designer bag worth eschewing the Starbucks for.

Dior panacea


Prada leather bag is the ultimate it-girl accessory and we all remember the episode of Made in Chelsea where Spencer Matthews gifted Stephanie Pratt the Prada Saffiano leather, right? Well, here at Siopaella, we're all Beyonce about buying our own designer bags and we reckon this Prada baby is worth saving every last penny for - the price-point is on the higher scale but it doesn't exceed a thousand either. All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me!

Prada handbag


If, like Victoria Beckham, you have so many Birkins and Kellys, that you can afford to let your baby splatter paint all over one and call it art, then you may not need to put out a fatwah on your children's college fund but if, like us, you're not that flush, you may need to re-mortgage the house for this Hermes Kelly  designer bag. But imagine the prestige....the stuff that dreams are made on, this one. Very much on the high end of the price-point and we adore it.

Hermes Mary