#FIVEONFRIDAY Don't have any plans for the weekend? Read on :) Melt     I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it was only this week that I finally visited our wonderful neighbours Melt.  Within Siopaella Temple Lane, we have all witnessed the euphoric appearance of each and every person who leaves Melt. After my own visit earlier this week, there are only two words which come to mind to describe the experience – Pure. Bliss. ALT-J   Taking over the 3 Arena this Saturday night are my Spotify favourite, Alt-J. The guys are currently on tour promoting their second album, ‘This Is All Yours’.  While standing tickets may have sold out, there are still a few tiered tickets available. Grab them while you can and prepare yourself for a night of feel good dancing and music. Cork / Limerick Closet buyout   Siopaella is going on tour...well kind of. Replacing music equipment with designer goodies, this weekend our Siopaella buyers will be traveling to Limerick and Cork to uncover and buyout some of the most stylish closets. You can keep track of all the crew’s antics and discovers by following Siopaella on Instagram and Twitter. DISCLAIMER: Expect many selfies, coffee breaks and possibly the odd ‘We’re lost!!’ tweet on our hunt for luxury items! Olivia Burton watches   Another late night instgram scrolling discovery, was the wonderful and whimsical creations of Olivia Burton London.  Stating that they couldn't find a watch which ‘fulfilled their need for style’, the innovative duo of Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings saw to create their own.  With up to six styles to choose from, you are surely to find the perfect watch for you. Staple Foods   Staff meetings – not the most desirable way to start your work day but thankfully this staff meeting came with pancakes! (We’re spoiled, we know)  It was thanks to the lovely folks at Staple Foods who made the staff  meeting that little bit sweeter. The guys were super friendly, provided the much needed coffee and the food was scrumptious. Now, if only every staff meeting could be like that. What is your #fiveonfriday? Sinéad  x