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We got a major crush on all things Scandi, the clean lines and minimalist design is enough to get us all hot under our designer collars. The desire for Scandi style is entering into our collective psyche and with labels like Cos, Acne and &Other Stories in store, we've only gone and nabbed ourselves an exclusive deal with ultra-cool Scandi accessories label, Enter Accessories. Enter Accessories derives its inspiration from military trends and sportswear; the quiet, understated aesthetic is its crowning glory.

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What's the best thing about Enter Accessories? The pared back designs in gender-neutral colours mean that these backpacks, satchels, messenger totes and shoulder bags are unisex; perfect for men and women alike. Functional and durable, Enter Accessories have stellar design standards of quality and craftsmanship, combined with an excellent price point. The backpacks are suitable for those cycling to work and fit laptops, iPads and netbooks, 13 and 15 inches wide.

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Enter Accessories make an ideal Christmas present for the college-goer, hiker or stylish minimalist and come in classic fabrics of canvas, leather and denim. Founded in 2010 by Stockholm-born brothers, Magnus Björkén and Mikael Rydle, Enter Accessories provides heritage-inspired classics that you will want by your side for years to come.

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