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So we've mastered the consignment, nailed the closet clearouts and in the past couple of weeks started our own collection. What next you may ask?! Well we've been throwing around ideas. Some of these ideas are better than others. Ella wants to open a Bubble Tea cafe (but Bubblicity have that covered), Id love to have our own Podcast (I think I'd make a great Ira Glass), Orlagh wants to start a Siopalla pet sanctuary (so she can bring her guinea pig Mary to work) and Anna wants a Siopaella reality TV show (we'd be axed after one episode). We mulled over these...


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If you're a chocolate lover like me, Easter is a weekend full of munching on eggs and stuffing myself with chocolate bunnies. Life doesn't get better then a four day weekend if you're a chocoholic! If chocolate isn't your thing, fear not- you can still treat yourself to something a little different, like one of our designer handbags. We're constantly getting in new ones and trust me, it's hard to pick a favourite, but I've rounded up my top 5 bags for every budget. Whether you've €100 in your pocket or €1000, there's something for everything at Siopaella Designer Exchange!...


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As you may already know, one of our favourite things to do at Siopaella is play dress up! It's one of the perks and makes us feel pretty, oh so pretty. So when Sive (our fab work experience student) was finishing up we said, hey Sive, pick out your fav things and let's do a shoot! Her smile widened and she ran to grab her favourite things she'd been eyeing up. When she returned to Temple Lane we shed a proud tear! She had grasped the idea of Siopaella completely...she had become ONE OF US!!!! What's that you ask? Well, there's...


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PASTELS AND FLORALS - SIOPAELLA SPRING STYLE It's the first day of spring, y'all. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting brighter and our outfits are getting a colourful update. We love getting a bit of air on our pasty whites and when it's time to get some sunshine on our pins, we rejoice - hurrah for bare legs (if it's good enough for super-babe Angela Scanlon, it's good enough for us, right?). Black tights are banished from our wardrobes from now on and it's pastels, white and cool off-kilter vintage shirts and mini skirts a go-go for all the...


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SIOPAELLA SPRING SUMMER TREND - THE 70s The saucy sultry seventies is making a major comeback for spring summer 2016 and Siopaella is hopping on that trend bandwagon. Flares, fringing and suede - you name it - we got it! Get ready to channel the kookiest icons from Studio 54's Bianca Jagger to the waif-life Mia Farrow. Our Anna is rocking the 70s trend here and totally nailing it! [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full" ids="48613"] NAIL THE 70S - GO BIGGER, BRIGHTER, BOLDER We're no wilting wallflowers here at Siopaella Designer Exchange. We like our trends maximalist. The bigger, the bolder,...


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THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE FOR MOTHER'S DAY - THIS TIME IT'S PURSE-ONAL How much do you love spoiling your Mammy? We know we do and when Ella's Mammy Lolita was here, it was impossible to spoil her because she just kept giving us little treats and being the sweetest Mammy ever. Mams are like that, aren't they? Slipping a fiver in your back pocket even though you're a thirty year old grown woman and you really should be slipping her a twenty for making you Sunday dinners every week of your life!!! We think splashing out on your Mammy is...


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STYLE UP A STORM - VINTAGE SHIRTS At Siopaella designer exchange, we're anything but basic. We love to mix things up and style vintage shirts with designer separates. Eclectic and rough around the edges is our motto - we love how unique our customers are and how they always want something a bit different. Whether it's tulle skirts and sequinned tops or classic Chanel with vintage printed silk shirts, our sartorial crushes tend towards the fashion mavens who embrace individuality. Anna Dello Russo, Iris Apfel, Leandra Medine and Susie Lau are some of our heroes and they've been known to mix...


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DREAM HANDBAGS FOR DREAM INTERVIEWS How important are first impressions? VERY. You wouldn't show up to a dinner date with a plastic bag now, would you? Unless you're a Rubber Bandit, you're going to want to have a selection of handbags that suit the occasion. And here at Siopaella, we know how important it is to match your handbag to your mood! But sometimes, you don't want to have to do the work so let us do it for you! The new year is a great time to move jobs and now that the jobs market is really opening up,...


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BEST PRICE-PER WEAR DESIGNER HANDBAGS AT SIOPAELLA I want you to do something for me. It's not a big ask. Think back to how many times you bought tights, undies, socks and little 'bits' from Penneys. You probably spent €60 in one go without even realizing it! And now count how many designer handbags you own! Not as many? Now imagine this. According to the Independent, the average cost of a night out in Dublin is €81; that's factoring in €41 on pints and the rest on chips, taxis, nightclub entry and babysitters! If you cut down on the nights...


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FOUR DESIGNER BAGS UNDER €200 Holi-yays are coming and the Goose is getting fat.It's time to start thinking about your loved ones and get Christmas shopping so we've rounded up five absolute bargains for your with our 'Four Designer Bags Under €200 Post.' Everybody loves a classic Michael Kors bag and this one is an absolute steal at €169. The two hues will match almost every outfit and the size is perfect for the business woman to store her stationary back-up (because we all have a stationary fetish, no?),diary and makeup bag so she can refresh at the end of the...


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BRAND FOCUS - GUCCI No-one is hotter right now than Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.  His debut for the brand in the autumn/winter 2015 season this February was the most hotly anticipated of the last decade. Michele, who was head of accessories at the storied label since 2002 took over Gucci (our brand focus) from Frida Giannini and has brought the brand in a completely new direction from his predecessor. Not only is Michele the name on everyone's lips, Irish beauty Emily Butcher was hand-picked by Michele himself to make her runway debut for Gucci this autumn/winter. Here at Siopaella, we...


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LOUIS VUITTON BRAND FOCUS OUR ENDLESS LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE HERITAGE BRAND What do Miranda Kerr, Fan Bing Bing,  Olivia Palermo and Elle Fanning all have in common? Great taste, oodles of talent and impeccable style with a penchant for heritage designer brand Louis Vuitton. The name Louis Vuitton carries with it some serious weight in the world of designer fashion but its legendary history began with a humble sixteen year old boy who had a dream to become a trunk master. His name? Louis Vuitton. Thus the eponymous label was born and the heritage French brand has grown to...

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