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    So we've mastered the consignment, nailed the closet clearouts and in the past couple of weeks started our own collection. What next you may ask?! Well we've been throwing around ideas. Some of these ideas are better than others. Ella wants to open a Bubble Tea cafe (but Bubblicity have that covered), Id love to have our own Podcast (I think I'd make a great Ira Glass), Orlagh wants to start a Siopalla pet sanctuary (so she can bring her guinea pig Mary to work) and Anna wants a Siopaella reality TV show (we'd be axed after one episode).

    We mulled over these ideas and came to the conclusion that our next big venture should be to start our own girlband!!! So, allow us to present Dublin's hottest new girlband, The Siopaettes feat. our newest collection of Enter bags.

    [gallery columns="1" link="file" size="full" ids="50393,50392"] [gallery size="full" link="file" ids="50396,50397,50435"]

    Seana wears a Siopaella Vintage Shirt, Siopaella Tulle Skirt, Manolo Blahnik Heels, Siopaella Sunglasses and Enter Birdprint Mini Envelope Backpack

    [gallery size="full" link="file" ids="50407,50414,50411"]

    Anna wears a Siopaella Hat, Siopaedit Bunnyprint Dress, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Enter Black Canvas Zip Tote and Louis the Schnoodle

    [gallery size="full" link="file" ids="50427,50428,50431"]

    Claire wears Elka Yellow Rainjacket, Siopaedit Denim Dress, Carvela Boots, Ray Ban Sunglasses and Enter Messenger Tote Backpack in Denim and Tan Leather

    Styled By Ciara McCaughey

    Modelled by Seana Henry, Anna Walker & Claire Mahony

    Photographed by Aine Hogan

    For more information check out www.siopaella.com or call 01 677 9106 / 01 442 1747

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    The saucy sultry seventies is making a major comeback for spring summer 2016 and Siopaella is hopping on that trend bandwagon. Flares, fringing and suede - you name it - we got it! Get ready to channel the kookiest icons from Studio 54's Bianca Jagger to the waif-life Mia Farrow. Our Anna is rocking the 70s trend here and totally nailing it!

    [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full" ids="48613"]


    We're no wilting wallflowers here at Siopaella Designer Exchange. We like our trends maximalist. The bigger, the bolder, the better. This hat is all that and more and we have multiple colours available on our website here. Whether you're an Olivia Palermo or a Kate Moss-aholic, there's a style that will suit your look from our Dr.Zhivago-esque Russian faux fur pill box hats to our rock chic fedoras and wooly bobble beanies for skiing in Andorra with the fam chic!

    [gallery columns="1" size="full" link="file" ids="48602"]  

    If you really want to get the 70s look, then shaggy faux fur jackets are your go-to coat of choice and this orange hue is right en pointe. Our Crow street store has a whole rail of faux fur jackets and coats that our resident hounds Louis and Raquel like to cuddle up to when they're not around each other! When we spotted one of our favourites, blogger extraordinaire and absolute BABE Leanne Woodfull of Thunder and Threads in her black shag faur fux coat, we just had to invest in some look-a-likes. Check out this Urban code coat to really nail the 70s look. Fringing is also a major trend and we just so happen to have several fringe-tastic jackets from Kate Moss for Topshop and H&M. Ready, set, click!

    [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full" ids="48608"]

    Gucci is having such a major revival at the moment and heritage pieces like this cross body beauty are so hard to come by. It's even had people stopping by the shop just to visit it - yes, it is that beautiful! It warms the cockles of our heart to see our pre-loved babies being so loved. This bad boy deserves a very good home, let me tell you that! The best part is probably the bamboo detailing - so dribble-worthy, right? Swoon!

    Nothing says hello 70s quite like long legs that go on forever! Now anyone that knows our Anna knows that she has inches (and inches and inches) on the majority of the Siopaella staff and these Ann Demeulemeester only make her legs longer! They're a real investment boot and are definitely something I'm on the hunt for (I'll be Jerry Hall in no time). For a full low down on how to style the thigh high boot, check out our blog post here.

    [gallery columns="1" link="file" size="full" ids="48612"]

    For more info check out www.siopaella.com or call us on 01 677 9106

    Mary x

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    For the first time since I bought my trusted Hunter wellies I am wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' for rain (you sang that too didn't you)! Why you may ask? Oh, well only because we went and got ourselves the cutest new rainjackets since the bumblebee and ladybird ones we all had in Junior Infants! Let me introduce, Elka rainjackets!

    [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="large" ids="48274"]

    If you're up to date with all our social media channels especially Instagram and Snapchat, you would have seen a lot of talk about our new venture. If you're not up to date, stop what you're doing and go follow us for a first look at what we do, what we think and what we look and sound like (I warn you though it's not always pretty even with all the Snapchat filters)! This new venture is something we've been thinking about for a while and we thought feck it, 2016 is our year, let's get it done! So, we have begun curating our own Siopaella collection. The collection features brands we worship at prices we love and in a Siopaella first...we have MORE THAN ONE SIZE!

    [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="large" ids="48288"]

    Elka is one of the brands we are stocking. They specialise in rainwear and hey, we live in Ireland and it rains...sooooo it really was a no brainer. The best part? The colours and quality of the jackets! I have yet to choose a favourite colour. I flit between the olive to the yellow to the red but then the black will go with everything!? They're a really great fit and a really good price point as these are no ordianiry, mac in a sac rainjackets. What we loved about them was how fashionable they are yet still an instant classic. That kind of style is a Siopaella favourite as we're all about smart buying and these Elka rainjackets are for life!

    [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full" ids="48290"]

    With the Electric Picnic and Longitude line up announced we're already starting our summer festival wardrobe and I'll tell you this much! These Elka rainjackets are no.1 on my list...now to just choose a colour.

    Ciara x

    [ux_custom_products title="Shop our Elka Jackets " products="2" columns="2" cat="jackets-menswear"]

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    Rag & Bone is was established in 2002 by Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright. It marries together the idea of wearable clothing while still having an edgy, cool tailoring keeping the New York aesthetic that the brand embodies. While Bogle and Wainwright had no formal fashion training the brand prides itself on quality and attention to detail. The brand "continuously redefines urban style."

    It's a brand we LOVE here at Siopaella due to the classic timelessness of the pieces. They're pieces you'll have forever, will never date and will remain edgy and cool. This Rag & Bone blazer is a piece every wardrobe needs. Sophisticated and tailored with just a hint of funk (check out that sleeve) ; it's the perfect everyday staple. This minimalist grey Pilot backpack is a real investment. The colour is perfect for bringing you through the seasons and unlike other backpacks (Moschino, we're looking at you) this will hold it's timelessness while continuing to be on trend. We've styled this with a stunning leopard print Rag & Bone dress! We LOVE leopard print (I'm wearing a leopard print bomber as I type)!!!

    [gallery size="full" link="file" ids="47064,47063,47065"] [gallery link="file" size="full" ids="47074,47076,47075"] [gallery link="file" size="full" ids="47071,47077,47070"]

    For more info check out www.siopaella.com or call 01 677 9106.

    Modelled by Orlagh

    Photographed by Tanya

    Ciara x

    [ux_custom_products title="Shop Here!" products="2" columns="2" cat="rag-bone"]

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    How much do you love spoiling your Mammy? We know we do and when Ella's Mammy Lolita was here, it was impossible to spoil her because she just kept giving us little treats and being the sweetest Mammy ever. Mams are like that, aren't they? Slipping a fiver in your back pocket even though you're a thirty year old grown woman and you really should be slipping her a twenty for making you Sunday dinners every week of your life!!! We think splashing out on your Mammy is soooo important, especially on the one day of the year when she simply can't refuse. So here's our top tips for the best gifts for Mother's Day - it's only next Sunday - March 4th!


    If your Mammy's a designer lover, there's no better woman than Miuccia Prada for designing the ultimate wardrobe staples. Your Mammy will love you forever for gifting her this Miu Miu doctor's bag - after all, wasn't she the one who was putting plasters on your knees for years? Dr. Mammy to the rescue! Mother's Day will be so sweet with this Miu Miu pressie!

      Miu Miu Black Leather Madras Doctor Bag Siopaella Designer Exchange


    If anyone deserves some Gucci, it's your Mammy! Whether she's a sun-worshipper or loves staying in the shade, there's no doubt every woman needs a good pair of sunglasses in her wardrobe and can you imagine her surprise waking up on Mother's Day to Eggs Benedict, a strong cup of Barry's Tea and these decadent Gucci glasses wrapped up all pretty? She'd be begging to do your dishes for weeks! Well...here's hoping...

    Gucci Tinted Sunglasses  


    Some of the coolest style icons in the world have rocked an Hermes silk scarf on their heads - Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth (that woman sure knows how to rock a heritage scarf in the English countryside like no-one else) and Audrey Hepburn. Why not gift your Mammy this luxe Hermes silk scarf so she can channel some of her favourite fashion mavens? It's something she will have in her wardrobe for years and would look equally good worn tied on the neck. Plus you can recreate the hilarious scene from Bridget Jones' Diary - gas craic!

    hermes scarf siopaella-001


    Gifting someone a  piece of Chanel is like handing them the holy grail. Chanel shows your Mam how much you care - it's not just every Jenny from the block thats got a piece of history in her wardrobe. Even if you have to borrow your rent money from bae for the month, wouldn't it just be worth it to see Mammy's face glowing with glee when she receives this Chanel Black Resin Hairclip? We think so!





    Gifting some handmade jewellery is ever so special and we love these handmade beaded collars from Ella's native Phillipines. They make us think of Lolita. They come in a wide variety of colours and we stock some arm candy in the form of cuffs too. If it brings us closer to Lolita, then we think it's a good choice.

     Give me a call in Temple Lane if you want to buy any of the products mentioned here or check us out on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to see how we're styling them! Call 01-6779106 for more info!

    Mary x

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