Here at Siopaella, we love bringing you new products, especially when they're from Irish start-ups. Cue our newest obsession Eco Mutt, a range of eco-friendly grooming products for you and your moggie mate. All the products contain natural ingredients like lavender, mandarin, rosemary, tea tree and citronella which is why we ADORE the sensual smells of our newest Eco Mutt arrivals.

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The Eco Mutt range is an all-natural product with no toxins, parabens, sodium dodecyl sulfates or any of that yucky stuff we hate, so you can wash away all your troubles without worrying about making a dent in the environment. Thanks Eco Mutt! Now we can sing the theme tune to Captain Planet and REALLY mean it! We're stocking Eco Mutt soap bars, dog shampoo and gift sets and all the products are lovingly handmade in Ireland by the lovely entrepreneurial team, Jerry and Sue of this brand new Irish start-up.

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We've already foamed up our furry friends and Louis and Raquel are smelling oh-so-divine, not to mention our own appealing aroma which we have Eco Mutt to thank for! The soaps also come in special pre-made packages for 'Woman and her Best Friend' or 'Man and his Best Friend' so you can pamper yourself and your pooch on a lazy, hazy Sunday afternoon when you're having a duvet day. Not that we would know about that, we swear! The sets make the perfect Christmas present for anyone with a canine best friend and all retail for under €20 so they make great stocking fillers too!

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Any questions, just tweet us @siopaella or pop on in and get a whiff of very own Eco Mutts, Louis and Raquel!

Mary x