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We've been buying and selling bags, clothing and accessories since 2011 and are considered the industry leader in the consignment resale business.  With four locations in Dublin's city centre, we guarantee to rehome all your preloved items!

Did you know...

While our forte is of course buying and selling luxury high end bags, what makes us extra special (apart from the awesome chats and doggy cuddles of course) is that we also take in your WHOLE clearout once you bring us a wishlist item! Yes, you read that right - we're talking everything from high street favorites including Zara and Topshop all the way up to your vintage Louis Vuittons and Hermes Birkins! The main thing, though is that you bring us a wishlist item:) Don't have one? Sign up to our mailing list here and we'll email you when we're having one of our famous swapping events whereby wishlist items aren't required!

Siopaella Facts 101.. 


Our largest consignment account is worth over a whopping €97,972 (I know, right?!?) made up of not only bags but also loads of accessories, shoes and clothing!!

We have over 9,000 sellers

We've sold items belonging to over 3,000 different designers

We've won multiple awards including Best Customer Service and Best Vintage and have been featured numerous times in Image Magazine, Stellar, Irish Independent, Irish Times, Xpose, RTE, the Londely Planet, HotPress and more!

Ever wondered how much some of our consignors have made? PS - we've changed photos and names to protect our clients' identity but the actual euro amount is precise as of 18.20pm, January 26 2018...

"Jessica Rabbit"

Account Worth: €97,972

Jessica works hard and plays hard! She loves treating herself to a new bag every now and then on her travels but knows the resale market so well she knows when they're hot to sell.  

 Wishlist Sellers: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci

 High Street Sellers: Joseph, Whistles, COS

                                "Cher Horowitz"    

  Account Worth: €53,719

Cher limits herself to 8 designer bags at any given time. When she upgrades to her newest bag, she consigns the older bag as well as ALL her high street.

Wishlist Sellers: Balenciaga, Mulberry, Alexander Wang

High Street Sellers: Zara, H&M, Vintage 

"Blair Waldorf" 

Account Worth: €69,829

Blair knows the resale market in and out! She's always buying and selling with us and we've even gone to her gaff to clear out trunk loads of gorgeous goodies. Her mum is an avid Siopaella fan too!

Wishlist Sellers: Chanel, Hermes, Gucci.

High Street Sellers: Zara, Needle & Thread, Maje, Sandro


how it works...

You Need...

A wishlist item. Our 2018 wishlists can be viewed here

Clear that Closet...

Have a wishlist item? Then take a look at your closet and bring us any brands such as Zara, COS, Maje, Topshop etc! Best sellers are always colourful, printed pieces.

Come to our Wicklow Street Store

Drop off your clearout at our 29 Wicklow Street store (located next to Brown Thomas - one of our favs of course!) where one of our friendly buyers can go through your clearout.

Cha Chiiiiing €€€€€

Watch your account build and build! You won't believe how much the high street clothing adds up!! You could be the first Siopaella millionaire!!

What are you waiting for?

Email or call 01 558 1389  or 089 617 0937 if you have what we're looking for :-)

Ciara McCaughey