Get to Know: Bottega Veneta

   "When your own initials are enough"


 Here at Siopaella, we love a good logo- whether it's the classic Chanel CC, the iconic LV or that monogram Gucci. When it comes to branded bags, our customers have got them sussed too! We bet you could spot that monogram Louis Vuitton print a mile down the road- am I right?

However, we also have some incredible designer bags in store that sometimes aren't as instantly recognizable. One such designer is Bottega Veneta. Crafted in Italy, this fashion house adopts a philosophy of discretion and subtlety when it comes to their bags, so if you think you'll see a a giant BV brandished on the front of their bags, think again!


 Tomas Maier, Bottega's Creative Director says;

"Luxury is a point of view that is more about what you hide than what you show. It is relentless pursuit of excellence and quality for its own sake and your own pleasure: not to show off."

In essence, Bottega Veneta let their bags speak for themselves, and as they so eloquently put it, "Its language is silence, audible only to those who listen."

But fear not- after reading this blog post, we can guarantee you'll be speaking that Bottega language as if its your native tongue... because even though branding is not this fashion houses' cup of tea, craftsmanship most certainly is, and we're going to show you exactly how to recognize it!



 'Intrecciato' is a leather weaving technique that is without a doubt, Bottega's signature. Reinterpreted and refreshed from season to season with different types of leather in different colours, yet rooted in tradition and artisan values, as can be seen from the intricate, hand crafted weaves which are developed in leather workshops in Italy.





 Perhaps the most distinctive and well known (not to mention our most popular instore) of these 'Intrecciato' bags is the Veneta. Designed to feel like an extension of the womans' body, this beautifully understated bag grows softer over time and moulds to the wearers' shape. 


So there you have it- our lowdown on Bottega Veneta and how to recognize their designs. What are your guys thoughts on these logo-less bags? We have to say, we think it's quite refreshing to see a fashion house that chooses to whisper rather than shout when it comes to branding. And anyway, I'm all for any designer who thinks that "your initials are enough." I guess, if you know you know...and now you know too!





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