The Louis Vuitton Resort 2018 show was as spectacular as ever. Held in the Miho Museum, famed for its dazzling setting in the Shigaraki mountains, it was the ideal backdrop for the elite cruise collection show. 

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The Louis Vuitton Creative Director, Nicolas Ghesquière has continued to stage his catwalk show's here year after year, each one gaining more momentum and becoming more sensational. The incredible production showcased new trends but of course was dotted with timeless monogram LV pieces that exhibit a modern twist.

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This show just proves that Louis Vuitton have mastered the art of modern fashion while still remaining true to their heritage, a task many brands have not been able to conquer. From the monogram canvas bag to the classic epi leather, its enduring history alone makes it a brand that's worth the investment! And we have some amazing Louis Vuitton pieces here at Siopaella that are worth checking out. Each timeless in their own way and representative of the different eras of Louis Vuitton. Here are our top 5 picks! 

1. Louis Vuitton Cassis Epi Leather Montagine Bag 

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This classic bag is created in the durable Epi leather and is one of the most coveted styles of everyday bags! 

2. Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Monogram Canvas Eden Speedy Bag

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Audrey Hepburn Is responsible for the inspiration behind the Monogram Speedy which was popularized in the 1950's. Probably the most coveted and classic of all Louis Vuitton creations - and this one is part of the Louis Vuitton limited edition collection!

3. Louis Vuitton Blue Epi Leather Mabillon Backpack

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The Louis Vuitton back pack in epi leather is an elegant and modern addition and is becoming a staple for the brand.

4. Louis Vuitton Damier Parioli Tote 

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The Damier pattern was introduced much later than the classic monogram, but quickly became a favourite and continues to be as equally popular as the original Monogram design!

5. Louis Vuitton Monochrome Stephen Sprouse Japan Handbag 

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Louis Vuitton collaborated with designer Stephen Sprouse to create a street inspired look that again brought attention to the brand as an influential power house. 

These bags are all available on Take a sneak peak and add an influential piece of fashion history to your wardrobe! 

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