Here at Siopaella we are huge advocates of clothing recycling and putting our best foot forward in becoming a more fashion consciousness business. So when Fashion Editor Linda Conway created Stiall a brand built on the belief that 'Fashion can be sustainable and sustainability can be fashionable.' we were behind Stiall 100%!


Siopaella has collaborated with Stiall to bring you the consciously curated collection to our Cecelia street store in Temple Bar, available from November 30th - December 3rd . On Thursday the 30th join us in store from 6:30pm for the launch of this pop up where you can expect on hand style advice and a glass of bubbles!

 Who is Stiall?

''Curious, conscious and concerned, Stiall isn’t here to be preachy – but to de-mystify sustainable fashion. Created to provide a place where readers can access honest information on social and environmental policies of brands – helping you to make more informed decisions. Stiall – meaning to strip in the Irish language. Stiall wants to strip fashion back – support transparency and promote brands and movements mirroring our values.''

 Hope to see you all there

Siopaella xx