Here at Siopaella we are massive fans of how fabulous Ari and her photos are..and of course her beautiful Siopaella bag purchases ;)

Keep reading for a little Q&A we did with @ari_themermaid and be sure to check out her gorgeous Instagram account...

Hey Ari! 

We're so happy to have you on our blog answering some questions! :)

1) Okay so first of all, we haveeee to ask what Siopaella bag purchase has been your favourite and which do you think you get the most wear out of and why? 

This is so hard to say! I love the Céline Trio Bag for my everyday life, because it's so handy and a very classy cross body bag, which provides a lot of space for all the important things women usually carry around all day. But the Louis Vuitton Clutch is the perfect accessory for any night-time outfit! For traveling I usually use the Céline Phantom Bag, because traveling in style was never that easy ;)! And I can't wait to wear my new Céline Nano Luggage!

2) How did you find us all the way from Germany?

I found your store coincidentally during a stroll through Dublin, when I was visiting a friend. I saw the Céline I was looking for for years and I immediately fell in love. Not only with the items in your store but your cute staff also!

3) Your outfits and photos are always so beautiful! Where do you gain most of your inspiration from or what inspires you the most?

I'd say nowadays all of the gorgeous Instagram fashion profiles inspire me a lot and also my very fashionable friends. As well the countries I have visited are a big inspiration. I always try to adapt a little bit of the beauty around me to my outfits and photos.

You can never go wrong with high quality, timeless basics and a pinch of the extraordinary. Fashion means fun – don't take it too serious and try something new!

4) Do you have a favourite designer/brand and if so why?

 I'm crazy about brands like Maje, Acne and Sandro, but I also have a lot of pieces by Drykorn and Patrizia Pepe in my closet. I like the clean,minimal look with a slight twist. I love finding clothes you can't find everywhere else and the best feeling in the world is when someone in the street stops and asks you where they can get your outfit from!

For bags I prefer brands which don't show off too much like Céline and Prada. I am a fan of expensive bags, but I prefer them not to be too obvious. 

And for high heels I love Burberry, they are so comfy and you can dance in them all night long!

5) Here at Siopaella we LOVE to see all your travel pics and updates! Where has been your favourite place to travel so far? Where is next on your list to travel to??

That's also a tricky question! For relaxation I'd say the Maldives. But if you want to have awesome food and fancy people, you have to visit the Côte d'Azur!

I will be in Paris for the next week, London the week after and then visiting you in Dublin again <3

6) You have the most AMAZING bag collection! Is there any particular bag that is top of your wishlist at the moment that you've been lusting over lately?

Thank you!! And yes, there are (unfortunately) always "dream bags" on my wishlist. I guess the next one will be the Chanel Wallet On Chain in black caviar leather with the silver hardware – nothing very special, but always sold out and you can wear it with practically any outfit! But I might go for another one of your bags, because I still have an eye on your Louis Vuitton backpack and black Givenchy!

7) What do you love most about purchasing preloved designer items at Siopaella?

Because they are always in prestige condition, the customer service is so helpful and the prices are very fair! You also have pieces which you can rarely find anywhere else and it's always the quickest and best service when I ask you to send it to me, wherever I am in the world! You really love what you do and I love how you are doing it! Keep up the good work!! :)

8) And last but not you have any tips for taking stunning Instagram photos like yourself?! We are obsessed with your photos! :) 

Haha! Thank you! Well...first of all you need a (photographer) friend or a little brother, who is really good with the camera ;) 

Pay attention to the lighting and always try to find a pose which is natural and shows your curves. Put on a little smile! Show people how confident you are with yourself and your outfit and it'll be transferred!! 


Thank you so much Ari for taking the time to answer a few questions for our blog! Be sure to check out Ari's instagram at <3