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The Materials

 From crocodile to calf, canvas to ostrich Hermés' materials are arguably the best quality in the world! This blog post will go through some of the more popular materials used by the makers and creators over at Hermés.

1. Epsom Leather

Epsom leather is one of the most popular of the Hermés materials due to it being pretty much scratch proof. However,  the grain on epsom leather isn't the natural grain, rather it is embossed onto it. It's also lightweight and very easy to clean. Perfect if you have little ones with grubby (but cute) hands!

2. Togo Leather

Togo leather is also a very popular choice as like epsom it is scratch resistant. However, togo leather is a much heavier material. It's an incredibly smooth almost soft and spongey leather with a fine grain. It's also one of the more easier leathers to refurbish. Did you know that Hermés offer a spa treatment for your bag? I know, lucky bag eh?

3. Box Calf

Box Calf is an incredibly smooth and almost shiny material. It's extremely luxurious looking but must be looked after with the upmost of care. Water marks, scratches and blemishes show up very easily on this material. Not one to wear on a rainy day! 

4. Clemence

Clemence leather has a bigger and flatter leather grain. While it is still a heavy leather it remains popular as it possesses a more slouchy and relaxed look after time. We love the look of these bags after years of ageing!

5. Fjord

This leather comes from an adult cow. It has a beautiful matte look with a soft texture. The best thing about this material is that it's completely water proof!! Perfect for Ireland!!

6. Ostrich

Well this is a no brainer. Ostrich leather comes from the ostrich bird. There are several pores throughout the leather giving it a unique look and texture. It also brightens in the light which means it changes over time. 

7. Canvas

Canvas is an extremely durable and sturdy cloth. This makes it very simple to clean at home. Canvas is seen primarily on the Her Bags. Perfect for an everyday bag for work!!

8. Chevre

Chevron comes from the skin of a goat. There are two types - de Coromandel and Mysore. These are perfect if you're a bit heavy handed with your bags as the leather is scratch proof, hardwearing and incredibly lightweight. The main difference between the two is that the Mysore has a large grain which some people prefer. 

9. Crocodylus Niloticus

This comes in two forms - matte and shiny. It is one of the most expensive of the Hermés materials. The skin comes from a crocodile that originates from the Nile area near Zimbabwe. These bags will carry an apostrophe after the Paris logo which lets you know of it's superior quality.

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