We all love a classic Louis Vuitton print, and the monogram has to be one of the most recognizable prints in the fashion industry. From Classic to multicolour we have been lucky enough at Siopaella to have received our biggest drop off of LV yet! For all Louis lovers out there I would like to share some info on the different canvas prints available in our shop, as well as a sneak peak of what bags we have in stock!

The classic Monogram was created in the 1800's and was used for luxury luggage. Leather bags were not made using this canvas print until the 1900's. The monogram pattern was inspired by Japanese artwork which was popular at that time. That's where the flowers and the LV initial come from. The canvas is water resistant and very durable. 

Something that I recently found doing my LV reaserch was that the Damier pattern was made before the classic canvas. Damier when translated actually means "checkerboard". The Ebene Damier is the canvas that comes in dark brown and tan checkerboard, while the Azur comes in grey and cream checkerboard. 

The monogram Vernis was created in the 80's by Marc Jacobs. Vernis when translated means "varnish", and the LV have just that look. I love how glossy the canvas is, it is very similar to patent leather, and we have the most fabulous colors in at the moment. For anyone looking for a spring/summer bag, these would be perfect!

Epi Leather is a lovely rigid and sturdy leather. Its is also the easiest to care for and clean, which makes it perfect for everyday use. Epi Leather was introduced in the 80's, and is the most recognizable canvas next to the classic monogram. The leather is matte, and not over the top which makes it easy to match and subtle. 

That was only a handful of the amazing Louis Vuitton bags we have in stock, so make sure to check our website for more. For anyone looking to consign their LV bags we would love love LOVE to hear from you. Check the website for more info about selling with us. 

xx Liz