• The Siopaella Diaries

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    The siopaella diaries

    Welcome to part one of The Siopaella Diaries!

    Our Siopaella team have had an incredible week these past 7 days. From movie premiers to fashion festivals, we have been busy getting to know new and interesting people here in Ireland. Part of our goals for the next 12 months include collaborating more with other small businesses and helping people to really understand the importance of recycling fashion. To do this, we need to be out and about meeting new, like minded people. We are so grateful for this past week as we met so many incredible people. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to once the shutters go down at night!

    Guinness #phonesdown event

    Tasty pints of Guinness and ham ’n’ cheese toasties? Sure look, it doesn’t get much better than that, especially when the company is top notch too! We had a night full of meaningful conversations at the Guinness #phonesdown event in Doheny and Nesbitt's where we were told to put down our phones and to get chatting to new people. This night inspired new connections with people from different industries and we look forward to Siopaella paying visits to some of Dublin’s largest corporate offices to roll out our new Corporate Clearouts over the coming months!

     A huge thank you to Doheny and Nesbitt’s, Guinness and Wilson Hartnell for making sure that we were so well looked after.

    Crazy Rich Asians Premier at Movies @ Dundrum

    Honestly one of the best movies we have ever seen! A true feel good movie! We laughed, we cried… and then we laughed again! A definite must see for a any bunch of girls! Thanks so much to Warner Bros for having us. 

    Dublin Fashion Festival

    The Siopaella team were beyond thrilled to partake in this year’s Dublin Fashion Festival hosted by Dublin Town. Being able to take the Siopaella team to the fashion show was really important for us as a small business as each and every staff member contributes so much to Siopaella’s success. One of our sales assistants had even styled our Prada look for the show so seeing it come down the runway was an exciting and rewarding moment for the team!

    We were so lucky to get such a special shout out from the hosts, Cassie and Clyde, on the night encouraging the audience to visit Siopaella the following evening for bubbles and a customer competition! 

    Thank you to the team at Dublin Town for having us. We look forward to doing it all again next year!

    Guinness X Timmermans

    Many thanks to the Open Gate Brewery for having us at the uncorking of the new Lambic and Stout beer by Guinness and Timmermans. Two legendary breweries combined for what was another successful evening with great conversation, company, and good beer!

    The new Guinness X Timmermans with our Louis Vuiton Damier Graphite "Steve" briefcase


    Carlsberg Unfiltered

    Well, we didn’t know that Carlsberg do mystery tours… and we have to say… that this was probably the best mystery tour in the world!

    Picked up outside the Wilson Hartnell offices and whisked away in a big black bus, no one knew where we were going to end up. With tummies rumbling and suspense building as we drove towards the Dublin mountains in the last of the evening sun, we were so pleasantly surprised when we pulled into The Hazel House in Tibradden. We were greeted by outdoor fires, picnic benches, blankets and, of course, a bar serving only the finest Carlsberg unfiltered lager. Head Brewer of the Carlsberg Group, Erik Lund, even joined us to speak to us about the creation of the new unfiltered lager and how the menu infront of us had been carefully crafted to compliment it.


    We enjoyed a snapshot into authentic Danish culture or hygge - the Danish art of cosiness. Eating outdoors and sharing dishes with new people from different backgrounds, we again struck up good conversation about the importance of collaborating with other small businesses and supporting one another. Safe to say that our our mini-Denmark outdoor setting was a fine way to bring the summer to a close. Thank you to Diageo, Wilson Hartnell and Carlsberg for inviting us along to this special evening. 

    The new Carlsberg unfiltered with our Classic Lambskin Chanel Single Flap - available in-store & online now ( the Chanel that is ! )

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  • Festival-proof rainwear - Elka fit guide

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    Our Elka raincoats are one of our favourite things that we have on offer in Siopaella. Their amazing quality, huge colour range and versatility when it comes to styling are what makes them the perfect wardrobe staple. Especially in this little rainy corner of the world.

    Considering investing in some high-quality rainwear that will see you through the summer festival season and well into the cold, damp winter? Look no further. We're going to fill you in on all the info you need, regarding sizes, styles, fits and colours, so you can make an informed decision!


    SIZES: XS - L

    COLOURS: Birch, Dusty Green, Pink, Faded Denim, Oil Yellow, Bordeaux

    The Elka 'Saeby' style is designed for women and fits the female shape a lot more comfortably than the original Elka styles. 

    The length of the arms is slightly shorter, and overall the coat is more tailored and less oversized. The hip area is cut slightly wider than other Elka styles to accommodate the natural curves of the female shape.

    Petite men who prefer a neater shaped jacket may also prefer the Saeby!

    Pictured: Saeby Birch, size M

    Shop Saeby

    Click the links below to shop our range of Elka Saeby

    Saeby Birch

    Saeby Pink

    Saeby Faded Denim

    Saeby Oil Yellow

    Saeby Bordeaux

    Saeby Dusty Green


    SIZES: XS - L

    COLOURS: Extensive colour range. Both single block colour and dual-colour options available

    Sønderby is the classic men's silhouette from Elka. It's longer length and less fitted body mean it fits the male frame perfectly, but is also totally for any women who like a more casual, oversized approach to outerwear.

    The extra long sleeves can be rolled up out of the way, but come in handy for shielding your hands if you find yourself cycling during a downpour. 

    Something to note if you're a gal looking for a Sønderby: If you have wide hips, size up to avoid gaping between buttons! The masculine shape of the Sønderby means the body of the jacket tapers slightly on the way down.

    Shop Sønderby

    Here's our Top 3 picks from the Single Block Colour range

    Sønderby Olive Green

    Sønderby Navy

    Sønderby Green Woods

    Shop Sønderby

    Here's our Top 3 picks from the Dual-Colour range!.

    Sønderby Navy & Shelter Blue

    Sønderby Camo

    Sønderby Orange & Bordeaux

    That's just a taster of our Elka selection! There is a colour, shape and style to suit everyone.

    They are absolutely perfect for keeping you dry during Electric Picnic, a hiking trip, or just everyday life running around rainy Ireland.

    Sarah Keating

    Stylist @ Siopaella

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  • Brand Love : Prada + Miu Miu <3

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    Brand Love - Prada and Miu Miu

    Here at Siopaella we love Prada and it's sister brand Miu Miu! Although both brands essentially come from the same place they are completely different! Especially in terms of styles and designs...Here is a few points why we love both Prada and Miu Miu so much! 

    Prada - The Iconic Saffiano Leather

    Something that Prada is most well known for is its iconic Saffiano leather. It was created by Mario Prada and is essentially a textured leather that makes it extremely resistant to scratches. After Saffiano leather was perfected in 1913 they began the production of their very first handbag, 'The Saffiano'. Which is now one of the most iconic bags in fashion history. 

    Prada Black Patent Saffiano Mini Cross Body Bag

    Prada Nude Saffiano Double Zip Tote

    Prada Saffiano Tartan-Print Shoulder Bag 

    A brief history of Miu Miu:

    Miuccia Prada first created Prada's sister brand Miu Miu in 1993 with its first boutique opening in Milan. Miu Miu's first runway show at New York Fashion Week in 1995 featured supermodel Kate Moss and this immediately caught the attention of the fashion world. Miuccia Prada herself said that she would describe Miu Miu of more of her personal style than Prada. Personally I think Miu Miu has that little bit more of a youthful style than Prada...but I love them both all the same! <3 

    Miu Miu Bicolour Madras Satchel   

    Miu Miu Cream & Nude Wallet on Chain

    Miu Miu Burgundy Madras Convertible Compartment Tote

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    This Thursday, we had the great pleasure of attending Subset's Grey Area Exhibition launch...and boy what a night! But first thing's first, for those of you unfamiliar with Subset- lets explain a little bit about the great work these guys do. Subset is an Irish art collective made up of some of Ireland's finest street artists- Aches, Vents, Monk and Zues to name just a few!

    The exhibition launch at Odeon Point Village (opposite the 3 Arena) was a fantastic night full of art, free whiskey (yeeeeeow!) and a fabulous preview film screening of Subset's Grey Area project documentary. The documentary draws light on the difficulties and complexities attached to the licensing and authorization of public art work, and aims to revolutionize the current system.  You can check out the full film below for some seriously inspiring street art and a more in-depth look at the Grey Area movement. 

     We are huge supporters of Subset here at Siopaella, and had the great honour of showcasing their incredible artwork outside our Cecelia street store...Unfortunately it's beauty was short lived as we were forced to remove it by Dublin City Council soon after it was created. It was replaced instead by drab, dull, uninspiring grey walls. You can read our official statement on the matter below;

    "It is with sadness and frustration that we had to say goodbye to the incredible art work @subsetdublin had installed on our Cecilia Street walls last month. We received a letter from Dublin City Council that stated: “it is alleged that a mural and awnings have been provided on the above premises <Cecilia Street> without the relevant grant of planning permission” and that “a person who is guilty of an offence under section 151 and or 154 shall be liable to a fine or term of imprisonment or both”. Basically the planning laws in Ireland make it incredibly difficult for artists and small businesses alike and this is just an example of how these laws ruined what was both a great tourist draw in Dublin’s Temple Bar, and a deterrent for unwanted vomiting, defecating, urination, and illegal graffiti work. Before @subsetdublin, every week we were forced to clean up vomit, faeces, and illegal graffiti tagging on our walls. It was only when @subsetdublin installed art work that the other issues we had nearly disappeared and were greatly minimised. Yes, can you believe that by having our President’s portrait deterred people from using our wall as a toilet? We couldn’t either! No doubt we will again need to deal with the inherent problems any small business owner in Temple Bar faces as our walls again will attract illegal unwanted activity instead of being respected - this is precisely the goodness that @subsetdublincreated - Respect. Beautiful Artwork creates respect - this is what we learned in this short month. It is unfortunate that Dublin City Council has taken this approach when it could instead be fostering creativity and adding to our city’s culture by encouraging such art works. We sincerely hope that Dublin City Council will review its current policy on Street Art in the near future."

     The Grey Area Exhibition runs until the 28th June (1pm-10pm daily) for all the street art enthusiasts out there who'd like to check it out! Artists prints are also available to buy from Subset's website, with all proceeds going to ICHH

    Most importantly, if you support Subset's mission and would like to see the back of Dublin's grey walls forever- sign the petition here! As Mrs. Doyle would say "Ahhhhhh go on, go on, go on!!"

    Ailbhe Conboy

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  • Forbidden Fruit Inspo- Our Favourite Festival Bags <3

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    Forbidden Fruit Inspo 

    Our Favourite Festival Bags 

    Burberry Check Backpack

    The Burberry comeback is REAL!!! We're obsessed with this little vintage number. Besides the obvious cuteness, everyone knows a backpack is pretty much a festival essential! Luuurv it <3 

    Burberry Black Bum Bag

     Keeping on that vintage Burberry train- check out this killer bum bag! Wear it around the waist or across the shoulder to keep all your festie- faves safe and secure. 

    Gucci Blue Velvet Belt Bag

     If vintage isn't your thang...fear not! We have THE most boujie belt bag a festival goer could ask for <3 Is this blue velvet not the most plush thing you've ever seen? We cannot deal! Ps. the bag compartment of this is totally removable so you could also wear the blue belt solo, keeping your little GG safely inside your backpack :)

    Saint Laurent Tan Fringed Backpack

    So bum bugs are great and all, but if you're somebody who doesn't exactly travel light, then this Saint Laurent beauty might be a more suitable option! Besides the fact that this backpack is flippin' GORGE, it's also a pretty generous size- great for carrying your makeup, rain jacket...maybe even that shneaky naggin too? ;)

    Louis Vuitton Ellipse Backpack

     So last but by no means least- the piece de restistance- this beaut LV Backpack!!! It's Louis Vuitton, it's monogram, and it's festival goals. 'Nuff said. 

    And now for the good stuff... keep scrolling to shop these bad boys just in time for Forbidden Fruit!! We can't wait to see you guys raving in true Siopaella style ;) 

    Burberry Check Backpack

    Burberry Black Bum Bag

    Gucci Blue Velvet Belt Bag

    Saint Laurent Tan Fringed Backpack

    Louis Vuitton Ellipse Backpack

    Author: Ailbhe Conboy

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