• AMY- The Exhibition <3

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    An exhibition celebrating the life of music icon Amy Winehouse 

    Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of "AMY," an exhibition showcasing a series of photographs of Amy Winehouse, shot by Charles Moriarty. The series was shot almost fifteen years ago, and shows Amy at a pivotal point in her career; right before her first album debuted and she was launched into super stardom!

    The exhibition is a celebration of Amy's life, and serves as a reminder that before she became one of the most successful artists of her generation, she was a young girl with a big dream! The images are beautiful and touching, candidly capturing Winehouse in her prime. 

    The exhibition opening was held in Dublin's CHQ building on custom house quay, and it's safe to say there was a fantastic atmosphere all round. Amy's music playing proudly as people soaked up the images, enjoying a glass of wine at the same time! 

    The previously unpublished images have been compiled into a beautiful photo book named "Before Frank" (Frank being the name of Amy's first album), which was available to have a sift through during the exhibition, and even buy if you're a die hard Amy fan...or just an appreciator of beautifully shot photographs! You can head over to Before Frank's website for more info, and check out the video of Charles Moriarty talking through his creative process!

    The exhibition runs from 10th May-31st May, and trust us it's well worth a visit <3

    Written by Ailbhe Conboy

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  • The best summer bags you need in your wardrobe! <3

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    The Summer Bags you NEED in your wardrobe! 

    Whether you're heading to a festival or to the beach...we've got you covered!

    Festival Fever

    It's almost festival season so it's time to get outfit planning! When at a festival the last thing you want to be worrying about is holding onto your bag or how much it's annoying you...so make sure you've got yourself a super comfy bag that still fits your festival essentials! 

    Burberry Black Bumbag

    Coach Purple Mini Double Zip Cross Body Bag

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Montsouris MM Backpack 

    To the Beach we go!

    Who doesn't love heading down to the beach for a swim and a sunbathe?? We know there's always lots of essentials to bring when you're off to the beach so our top tip is to bring a bag that fits everything but that is also super easy to carry! These bags below will definitely fit your towel, sunscreen and much much more....

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Artsy Bag

    Chanel Black Leather Square Tote

    Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Keepall 55

    Cocktails in the sunset? We're there! 

    Nothing beats heading out for a few cocktails at sundown with the girls after work or after dinner <3 All you need is a little evening bag to be able to pop your money + card, your lipstick and your phone in and you're good to go! 

    Louis Vuitton Palm Print Turn Lock Wallet on Chain

    Michael Kors Gold Sloane Editor Bag

    Chanel Black Lambskin Leather Wallet on Chain

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  • #WCW Iliyana Stareva <3

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    Woman Crush Wednesday - Iliyana Stareva

    In continuation of our Woman Crush Wednesday feature on our blog this week we have loyal customer and friend of Siopaella, Iliyana Stareva answering some questions for us! She tells us all about her career and her fabulous wardrobe so keep reading to find out more! 

    1. What do you love most about your job at HubSpot?

    HubSpot moves at an amazing pace of development and growth but not in a way that things are rushed but rather always staying ahead of the curve by being able to innovate. What I love the most is that because of this environment no day is the same. I feel challenged and inspired to exceed at my job but most importantly I never stop learning - mainly because of the amazing, intelligent people I’m surrounded by every day but also because of the unknown, cool projects I get to work on that allow me make a true impact.

    2. Any tips for public speaking and what’s been the largest crowd you’ve spoken to?

    Preparation is the most important thing when it comes to public speaking and many people don’t spend enough time thinking that they’ll just wing it. It doesn’t work that way. You need to spend hours on your story, hours on your slides to truly tell it in an unique, authentic way and even more hours on preparing how you’ll say things. But you do need to hit a balance between knowing what you are talking about and not sounding like it’s all being learned by heart. My biggest crowd so far has been at INBOUND16 in front of about 300 people - unbelievable experience!

    3. What inspired you to start writing books?

    I’ve been running my own blog for six and a half years. I started it with the goal to develop my writing skills and share everything that I was learning during university initially and then when I began my career. It’s that passion for sharing my knowledge that inspired me to write books because ultimately by sharing I feel like I help others. And what better way to do that than a book that’s available all over the world!

    4. What is your favourite piece you have gotten from Siopaella?

    The Tom Ford shoes!

    5. What do you love most about shopping second-hand designer?

    That you can discover unexpected items when you really don’t expect it! And many times they are untouched!

    6. What is your favourite piece you have in your wardrobe you would never give up?

    My Prada bag.

    7. Have you gotten to travel to any amazing destinations for work?

    Because I’m in a global role at HubSpot and I do a lot of public speaking, I’ve traveled in many places for work but so far South Africa is my top destination! Magnificent nature! Let’s see if my upcoming trip to Australia will top that!

    8. Any advice to give to someone wanting to get into sales and marketing?

    Do the HubSpot free certifications to 1) see what you are getting into and decide if it’s really for you; 2) elevate your current knowledge and really stay at the curve of the industry - that will impress your new employer.

    9. Do you have an item you’ve had on your wishlist and would love to add to your wardrobe?

    My next two are a Chanel bag and a Burberry trench coat.

    10. Do you have any quotes you live by?

    No quotes but I have my own three principles that I live by: 

     1. Always be learning 

     2. Always do your research 

     3. Always follow through 

    Thanks so much to Iliyana for featuring in our Woman Crush Wednesday this week! To find out more about Iliyana check out her website or to purchase her books click here

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  • Brand Love : Alexander Wang

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    Brand Love : Alexander Wang

    Alexander Wang may be a young designer, however that hasn't stopped him from a very successful  fashion career. Best known for his polished and unique designs as well as collaborations, here are a few other facts that you might not know.

    He attended Fashion School in New York, but gained most of his experience interning for Vogue, Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam.

    During his second year of school he decided to leave and launch his own collection. He launched his unisex knitwear collection in 2005, which created a huge buzz. This success led him to establish his fashion house.  In 2009 he launched his line T by Alexander Wang which  was also a big success.

    Alexander Wang has won numerous award including Swarovski Designer of the Year twice and  best accessory designer. In 2012 he became the creative director for Balenciaga, overseeing clothing and accessories for both the men's and women's collections.He has also done numerous collaborations, his most well known being H&M and Adidas originals. 

    We are huge fans of Alexander Wang, and we happen to have some amazing bags in by him right now. Be sure to have a look :)

    Liz Jones 

    Buyer & Stylist

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  • Vintage Finds You Pop-Up 2018!

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    Vintage Finds You Pop-Up at Siopaella

    We are so so excited to have our fabulous friend Vintage Finds You back for another amazing pop up in one of our Siopaella stores this weekend. Naomi and her vintage finds will be joining us in our Temple Lane Store but keep reading to find out more info....

    Where and when?!

    Vintage Finds You will be joining us at the following times and days so don't miss out!

    5pm - 7pm Friday 27th April

    10am - 6pm Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th April


    Location: 25a Temple Lane South, Dublin 

    A little about Vintage Finds You...

    Vintage Finds You is all about helping you find that unique vintage piece that you will probably never find anywhere else. Naomi personally picks each vintage clothing piece and accessory to help you add to your personal style and to reflect your personality.  Whether you’re searching for bespoke couture vintage pieces, or if you’re just dipping your toe in the vintage pool of gems for the first time, Vintage Finds You has got you covered.

    So come join us for some prosecco and vintage shopping in our Temple Lane store this weekend...you won't regret it! 

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