The reality is everyone wants to save money...don't they?! Shopping in consignment stores is becoming more and more popular and we can see why! Check out some of our quick pointers below of why more people should be shopping with us and how to save yourself some big bucks! <3



  • Get cash for your wardrobe! Consignment stores allow you to trade in your items for either cash or store credit. Which means you can trade in some of your old bits for a bag you might have had your eye on in the store...winning!
  • Find some hidden treasures! Shopping in resale gives you the chance to bag yourself some really unique and interesting pieces you probably wont see everyone else walking around with! 
  • You're helping save our planet! Buying secondhand items prevents them from being tossed in landfills and basically gives them a new life, yay! We're huge fans of a circular economy! 
  • Quality Quality Quality! As 'Fast Fashion' becomes more and more popular, quality subsequently is decreasing. So if you are buying more second-hand clothes they are probably slightly older which means you can get some great quality pieces for a really good price :)))
  • Every brand you could want under one roof! Consignment stores are one of the only places you can find hundreds of different brands from 20 years old to 2 months old. You get so much variety than regular retail stores, as well as all the other benefits mentioned above! For e.g. we sell everything from Vintage Chanel to Boohoo! Think of us as your newest favourite department store  with all the best brands!
We hope you enjoyed this lil post about shopping resale and hopefully it can help you shop smarter in the future! <3