We all love bags, from big to small, vintage to Chanel, backpacks to totes! We at Siopaella aim to satisfy your wide range of bags needs no matter what your taste! In the first of this series we're bringing you our top 5 bags under €200!

All available instore or online :) 

The Workbag:

[powr-media-gallery id=fed9eedd_1476197363]

Cross body strap? Check! Space for a laptop? Check! Cool print to set you apart from your office counterparts? Check! 

The Everyday Bag:

[powr-media-gallery id=5f6be86b_1476197589]

A classic bag with an edgy look! This bucket bag is the perfect everyday bag! It's classic so will go with your wardrobe yet the bucket style is quite edgy which ensures you'll never fall out of love with it.

The Backpack:

[powr-media-gallery id=de7293e8_1476197728]

Love cycling, hiking or generally just being hands free? Then our Enter backpacks are the way to go.

The Going Out Bag:

[powr-media-gallery id=6a8af075_1476197886]

The vintage style of this kiss lock clutch (say that fast three times) mixed with the gorgeous colour and textures make this the only going out bag you'll need! And Prada?! For under €200?! Yes please!

The Funky Bag:

[powr-media-gallery id=c3e6d96b_1476198201]

We all need at least one funkadelic bag! And this Lulu is perfect for first time funkifiers! Start with this and eventually wind your way up to the Chanel hula hoop bag! Funky all day, every day!!


Ciara x