Ciara O'Doherty is one of Ireland's most well known bloggers. Her blog is one of personal style, travel tips and a glimpse into her hectic lifestyle! Having mastered her blog from a young age, Ciara has gone onto the world of TV presenting where she's well known on the likes of Ireland AM on TV3. She has been a part of the Siopaella family from the very beginning, not only dropping us in her beautiful things but also representing and collaborating with us on numerous projects. So when we started these Steal Her Style blogs we knew we had to do it with one of our favourites... Ciara O'Doherty! 

What made you decide to begin your own blog?

 I started my blog five years ago now just after I graduated from college, I was living in Galway and looking for a creative outlet. There were no blogs around at that time, and certainly no blogging industry like there is today, so it started in a very organic, creative way. I never dreamed it would be my job today!

Talk us through your personal style.

My personal style is pretty relaxed but always with a touch of something off beat. I love minimal, chic outfits made up of really great basics, and with a statement bag or coat to add that touch of something special. I also love masculine tailoring and boyish cuts, so there's lots of biker jackets and boyfriend blazers in my wardrobe.

What made you choose to consign your wardrobe to Siopaella?

I loved their brand ethos about pre loved clothing, and how you can give your wardrobe a new lease of life by passing on the pieces you no longer love to a new home, and using the money you've earned to invest into new pieces you can treasure.

What one item would you NEVER consign to Siopaella and why?

My Louis Vuitton speedy which I bought myself for Christmas last year, it was such a proud moment for me as it signified the growth of my blogging business to a stage that I was able to treat myself to something special after a year of hard work and hustle. It has my initials hot-stamped on it, and it will stay in my wardrobe forever.

What's the best thing about consigning with Siopaella?

Every time I visit the store it's like calling over to a friends house. The team is so much fun to hang out with, and I always end up staying around for the chats! I also love how they get to know my personal style, and the designers I love, so they give me a heads up when pieces that are on my wish-list come into the store, which can be a dangerous thing!

Steal Ciara's Style....Straight From Her Own Wardobe!


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Photographed by Rachel Farrell
Modelled by Ciara O'Doherty 
Words and Styling by Ciara McCaughey
A huge thank you to Ciara O'Doherty for taking the time to chat with us!