As a thank you to all our customers who have supported us all down the years we had an in store(s) Christmas party last Thursday. We aptly named it the SiopaCrawl in the hope that people would, in the spirit of the 12 pubs, go to each of our four stores for a mosy and a drink!

We tempted them with a competition! A unique stamp was given out in each of the four stores and whoever collected all four was entered into a draw! Congratulations to for completing the crawl and winning a Siopaella goody bag worth over €100! 

The lovely people over at Teelings whiskey and Heineken once again and very generously sponsored our event! 

Obviously the main event of the night was who would take the best selfie. I'm convinced the mirrors in Wicklow street are the most photographed mirrors in Dublin! Come in and try them for yourself! The winner of that gorgeous prize will be announced later today! 

Thank you to everyone who came! We hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did!