Picture this- you're rushing out the door for work when you realise you can't find your keys. You dig deep in to your large tote bag, full of bobby pins, tissues and god knows what else- but still can't find them. It's only then that you realise it's in your OTHER huge bag full of nonsense!

In Summer especially, there's nothing better than carrying a small bag with just the essentials- your phone, your keys, lipstick and a purse. Lucky for you, we've an abundance of mini bags in store and online right now. Here are our top five!

1.Victoria Beckham Mini Victoria Bag

We absolutely love the vibrant red colour of this bag. Paired with nautical stripes and sandals, you could be on a yacht in Marbella or just strolling around St. Stephens Green- either one, looking just as glam!  

victoria beckham mini bag

2.Mulberry Black Leather Flower Mini Bag

Now THIS is what you call a micro bag. Big enough to hold your phone and credit card, this teeny tiny beauty is a night out essential. The long cross body strap and flower detail are what make this bag a necessity in our eyes!

mulberry mini flower bag

3. Chloe Red Leather Drew Bag

Another pretty little red bag, we know- but who says you can't have more than one?! The Chloe 'drew' bag was a blogger hit a few years ago and it still hasn't gone out of style. We have one in store for €999 and it's in near immaculate condition. 

chloe drew bag


4. Louis Vuitton Black Multicolor Shirley Shoulder Bag

This one takes us right back to the noughties with it's colourful print- you could see Paris Hilton wearing it down Sunset Boulevard! We still think it's the cutest party bag. It was part of a limited edition LV collection too, making it even more unique. 

louis vuitton shirley bag


5. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano Suede Fringe Satchel Bag

Last but not least, we have the ultimate Coachella-esque bag- a brown suede, fringe bag of dreams from Saint Laurent. This 'sac du jour nano' is at the top of our micro bag wish list for a few reasons- it's practical and has a crossbody strap for one, but mostly because it looks so darn cool! 

saint laurent sac du jour nano


Which micro bag is your favourite?

Rachel xx